The year 2022 nicely wrapped

Last year wasn’t the easiest one from the starting point, but we managed really well considering the circumstances. The thanks belong to our customers, employees, and background support.

Internationality was strongly involved

The past year was Kespet’s first full year as part of the European insulation business cluster, IPCOM Group. We have been really satisfied with the cooperation: we have received support and appreciation from IPCOM, and our market area has grown even more comprehensive. 

During 2022, we have been involved in several projects abroad and, as before, collaborated with many of our foreign partners. For example, Norwegian Isopartner AS, which also belongs to IPCOM Group, is one of our long-time customers. Like in previous years, we supplied them with a large amount of sheet metal claddings. 

Although the year was demanding, we generally managed to keep up very well with the whirlwind of raw materials. The availability and deliveries of our products remained steady, and our customers received the insulation and claddings they needed for their projects. 

TIPCHECK established its position in our service range 

2022 was also the first full year in which we offered our customers a TIPCHECK audit to assess the energy savings achieved by insulating. TIPCHECK, developed by the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF), is an impartial energy audit that complies with international energy standards and specializes in technical insulation systems. 

TIPCHECK is an excellent addition to our service, but above all, we can benefit our customers through it. Using it, we can find the components which, by insulating, achieve the most significant savings and the most profitable payback periods. At current energy prices, TIPCHECK is more than necessary. 

In March 2022, we presented the results of one of the first TIPCHECK audits we carried out. We did this TIPCHECK audit on non-insulated pipes in the heat distribution room of a property. Even in such a limited area, the savings potential was huge: at the current price of electricity, €730 a year, and at the end of the year, already several thousand euros. 

Energy saving was under the magnifying glass also in our company

Kespet invested in energy saving in several concrete ways that will be executed during the year 2023: 

  • Optimizing the energy consumption of production machines and equipment. 
  • Scheduling the charging times for the warehouse picking and lifting equipment for the night. 
  • Changing the rest of the lamps to LED lights. Most of them had already been replaced before. 
  • Installing motion detectors and timers on all production and warehouse lights.
  • Installing charging plugs for electric cars in all our offices. 
  • Adjusting the timing of the outdoor lights so that the factory yard does not glow like Las Vegas at night. 

We could also keep the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates, which tell about the management of quality and environmental issues, still on our wall. 

The year 2022 in brief: 

  • Cooperation projects in nine different countries. 
  • The number of personnel increased by approx. 7%
  • The occupational well-being of the personnel was at an excellent level. 
  • About 18,000 orders were forwarded. 
  • There were approx. 1,000 buying customers. Thank you for being so confident! 
  • Turnover increased by approx. 19%

Overall, 2022 was a great year: great employees, customers, partners, and once in a while, really good parties.

Pekka Asikainen

CEO, Kespet Oy