All you need to know about Kespet’s sheet metal claddings, part 1: Dimensioning

Finely polished sheet metal claddings are Kespet’s pride and joy. In this article, we’ll go over the meticulous work we’ve done on sizing the claddings and the benefits that come with it.


The annual Erkkasäbä was played again

The year's highlight in the insulation industry, the Erkkasäbä floorball tournament organized now for the fifth time, brought together ten teams, all eager to win. The day culminated in Kymsol's well-deserved victory.

The year 2022 nicely wrapped

Last year wasn't the easiest one from the starting point, but we managed really well considering the circumstances. The thanks belong to our customers, employees, and background support.


The SonoTube insulation pipe is the star of the ATIS product family

The ATIS product family is still a newcomer to the Finnish market but has already convinced Kespet's staff and its customers with its excellent features. SonoTube pipe insulation, in particular, had gained popularity for its versatile properties, which also convinced LVI-Lämsä, a Kespet customer for many years, when it chose SonoTube as the insulation for its hotel.