Pick up the products quickly and start insulating!

In our warehouses in four different locations, the products are collected for the customer even before the bottom of the coffee cup can be seen. Now we present our Helsinki warehouse workers Joni Sanden and Tuomas Rasinperä.


SonoTube, a solution for sound insulation in sewers

The sound insulation of sewers and the sound level requirements of buildings are generally well known to HVAC professionals. However, there is a lack of information about the right kind of sound insulation products.

TIPCHECK auditing in practice

Discover the content and conclusions of the TIPCHECK audit, which assesses the potential for energy savings, through our example site. Small effort, great benefits!


Kespet Oy supporting emergency services in Lapland

Kespet Oy tags along to support Lapland rescue helicopter Aslak! Our company has once again tagged along in support of Aslak, the emergency rescue helicopter of Lapland, which doesn’t receive official government support. The associations purpose is to ensure emergency service availability for the citizens and travelers in Lapland. Kespet Oy – 8.1.2019