Christmas Raffle: Let’s make insulation great again!

Christmas is a time for caring and insulating. In fact, insulation is caring – caring for nature and for the savings you achieve in your business. Watch the insulation facts presented by Einari in the video and take your chance to win the coolest cap in the insulation industry!


Cold insulation prevents the disadvantages caused by moisture in industry

When dealing with cold temperatures, the starting points for insulation are different from those for hot temperatures. The main goal is to minimize the effects of condensing moisture – for example, corrosion, fracture breakage and increase in the heat of the object to be insulated. This also saves money.


Kespet Oy supporting emergency services in Lapland

Kespet Oy tags along to support Lapland rescue helicopter Aslak! Our company has once again tagged along in support of Aslak, the emergency rescue helicopter of Lapland, which doesn’t receive official government support. The associations purpose is to ensure emergency service availability for the citizens and travelers in Lapland. Kespet Oy – 8.1.2019

Kespet Oy receives the “Strongest of Finland” certificate once more

Kespet Oy receives the “Strongest of Finland” certificate once more Kespet Oy receives the Suomen Vahvimmat Platinum (“The Strongest Of Finland”) certificate, admitted by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. The certificate requires for the company to have excellent payment behavior and history, excellent economic ratings and positive background information. Kespet has been qualified for the certificate, on