What our customers say

"Our collaboration is clean, properly organized and helpful. Product quality is great, one of the main reasons we order our claddings from Kespet."
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Sampsa Järveläinen
Industry Department Director, KAEFER Oy
"The protective claddings are size exact and of high quality, installing them is easy. Customer service highlights positivity and expertise – a great aspect of the companys code of conduct."
Saimaan eristys
Teuvo Vanhoja
Material Chief, Saimaan Eristys Oy

Export references 2010-2019

Sweden2/201910 trucks145 tons
Czech R.12/201810 trucks145 tons
Sweden9/20183 trucks25 tons
Sweden8/20185 trucks70 tons
Sweden9/201712 trucks130 tons
Sweden9/2016 – 8/201712 trucks130 tons
Russia6/201718 trucks160 tons
Mexico6-8/201610 containers50 tons
Denmark8/201612 trucks130 tons
Denmark11/201510 trucks90 tons
Sweden2-8/201515 trucks160 tons
Sweden3-9/201425 trucks225 tons
Russia3/20147 containers48 tons
Uruguay1-6/201325 containers300 tons
Dom.republic7-11/20126 trucks45 tons
Russia8/20112 containers18 tons
Chile7/20114 containers75 tons
Aruba6/20116 trucks15 tons
Chile4/20112 containers42 tons
Chile4/20111 containers5 tons
Russia4/20118 containers176 tons
Russia1/20111 containers11 tons
Russia1/20112 containers39 tons
Irak12/20106 trucks13 tons
Belarus1/201082 trucks290 tons