Coils, sheets, corrugated sheet metals

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Coils and sheets

Our coils and sheets standard widths are 610 mm, 1000 mm and 1250 mm. They are available coloured sheet metal (18 standard colours), hot galvanized, aluzinked, aluminium, stainless, acid proof and alustucco raw material options.

Our comprehensive raw material selection meets the requirements of EN and CE standards.  Moldings and sills for house building are available in colour coated and galvanized steel. Moldings and sills for industrial construction are available in galvanized, aluminium, stainless steel and colour coated steel.

Corrugated sheet metal

Our selection includes ready-to-install profile claddings for roof and wall structures, which fill the requirements of standard SFS 3914 and the CE -standard. The effective width for our 20° profile is 825 mm or 1100 mm, and for the 45 profile the effective width is 600 mm, 750 mm or 900 mm.

Optionally, our versatile production lines enable the manufacture of industrial corrugated profiles from thicker sheet metal raw materials. The Kespet 20 and 45 industrial profile selection is the largest available in Finland, and globally competitive. The raw material we use is 1000 mm and 1250 mm width sheet metal. Our corrugated industrial sheets are also available with protective foil, optinally for both sides. We also manufacture sheets from customer’s own raw material if required.

HVAC and industrial moldings and sills

Moldings and sills, when manufactured to a high standard, direct water away from a buildings structures, preventing damage caused by water and humidity. When a polished, detailed look for a building is a requirement, properly dimensioned moldings and sills can also help deliver the finishing touch. We manufacture multiple different molding-, and sill models for different purposes. For HVAC the products are available in colored sheet metal, galvanized and precious metal options. On the industrial side the available raw materials are hot galvanized, aluminium, stainless and colored sheet metal options. The materials are avaible in 18 different standardized RR colors. The standard length for our moldings and sills is 2 m – 8 m based on the order made.