Sheet metal claddings

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Protective sheet metal claddings for HVAC, process pipelines and AC pipes

We manufacture esteemed, high quality sheet metal claddings in our own production facilities. Our selection includes all required parts and solutions for HVAC and industrial uses, including process pipes/pipelines and AC pipes and channels or ducts. Segment elbows, pipe claddings, formed pieces (such as central and eccentrical reducers, t-connections and insulation endcaps), special parts, we got everything covered.

The products meet industry national and international standards, and they can be tailored to any required specification, or to our customer’s own needs. Sheet metal claddings, by definition, are nonflammable. The claddings have a limiting effect when it comes to emergency fire spread, and they do not release toxic fumes or gases on contact. The high durability our products offer also protects insulation installations and machinery from mechanical wear. Our products are delivered ready to be installed, and they are fully recyclable! Installation is most commonly carried out using pop-rivets, screws, rivets and quick-locks.

Our claddings are available with multiple color choices, please contact our sales team for more information!

Tank and vessel insulation cladding

Our company also manufactures high quality tank and vessel claddings, for insulation sites such as processing plants, processing facilities and factories. Our gable element options include zeppelin- and cone shaped options. As with our other cladding products, the gable elements for vessels and tanks are also tailored according to any required specifications.

The gable elements are manufactured according to SFS standard 3978 as ready-to-install segments, or as partially assembled sections. The products can also be ordered based on the standard gable models to be used, and according to a customer’s custom specifications. The gable elements can be fitted with multiple different seams. For more information regarding the available seam types, please see our product catalogue.  The gable elements are manufactured with pre-fabricated drill holes and beadings, for both horizontal and vertical vessels and/or tanks.

Insulation boxes for valves, flanges, devices and machinery

Devices, valves, flanges and machinery should always be insulated, as insulation and claddings protect them from mechanical wear and also save a lot of energy. We manufacture insulation boxes for all of the above and similiar uses, according to any given specification.

Our insulation boxes are delivered with fixing hasps according to the insulation boxes dimensions, along with insulation fixing strips, edge reinforcement and fixing beads. The boxes can have openings cut on them if so required. The insulation boxes also include fastening spikes, toggles and insulation for the pipe parts.

Base and support structures

Proper base structures guarantee the quality of the insulation and claddings installation, ensuring stability. Our selection includes support structures for HVAC and process pipes, and round AC ducts. We also have support rings for mat and sheet insulations, reductions, support structures for cones, base structures and fastening spikes.

Our product materials meet the industry standards. Kespet base structures, insulation materials and claddings ensure that the insulation process will function as planned.