Acoustic insulation and soundproofing

Soundproofing and acoustic insulation products for industrial and HVAC use

Our company has a wide range of products to offer when it comes to soundproofing and acoustic insulation. Soundproofing elements- and casings of our own production are a great solution for loud devices and machinery halls. We also supply the full range of Armacell products, including the acoustic insulation selections ArmaComfort and ArmaSound.

Kespet Soundproofing Elements -and casings

The Kespet Soundproofing Elements and -casings can be used in machinery halls, and to soundproof devices in a similiar manner as our insulation elements are used. The batch of elements are designed and manufactured according to exact measurements. The noise levels of factories, compounds and  workshops can be vastly reduced by soundproofing the noisy department using the elements. They are also a good fit for suspended ceilings and noise reduction walls intended to reduce sound, improving acoustics or dampening echoes. Smaller sites such as airblowers, pumps and devices are best soundproofed using the Kespet Soundproofing Casings as dampening the sound at the very source is usually the best approach.

The structure of the Soundproofing Element is similiar to that of our Insulation Element. It consists of a c-cassette frame made of perforated plate, acoustic insulation and corrugated sheetmetal casing. In addition, the frame is reinforced with Z-strips and U-strips on the endings. Surface- and insulation materials are always chosen according to the project site at hand. The element has been shown to have an average noise reduction capability of around 30 dB on vaurious frequencies. A lot of different factors affect soundproofing and how it functions, which is why the planning is made in collaboration with our customer in order to achieve the best possible end result. Ask for more information from our sales team!