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Insulation expertise since 1977

Sheet metal claddings and base structures, technical insulation materials, installation equipment and tools.


Products of the Kespet material service system are the best solution for HVAC and industrial insulation and building in their quality and cost efficiency, now and in the future.

Our encompassing service concept speeds up project planning and execution, resulting in significant cost savings. 

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Sheetmetal Cladding Insulation Production


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About us

Kespet Oy is the leading international seller of HVAC and industrial insulation products along with insulation installation equipment and tools in Finland.

We offer an all encompassing equipment and sheet metal products sales service for various insulation and construction projects both in Finland and abroad.

News and articles

Bulletin by Markku Hietala

Bulletin 31.1.2018 Letter by Markku Hietala The founder and longstanding chairman of Kespet Oy, Markku Hietala, has headed towards his well earned retirement days on 31.01.2018. Markku has [...]

Markku and Liisa Hietala ceasing to work for Kespet Oy

Bulletin 31.1.2018 Markku and Liisa Hietala ceasing to work for Kespet Oy The original founders of Kespet Oy, Markku and Liisa Hietala are off to spend their well [...]