Moving forward together

ISOPARTNER is expanding

1.1.2024 Kespet's sales organization will become part of the ISOPARTNER. Together, we are stronger, and we have more expertise to offer for the benefit of our customers.

Cladding the future


Kespet's sheet metal cladding production continues as an independent unit. In the future, Kespet sheet metal claddings will be available through all ISOPARTNER stores throughout Europe.

More benefits for customers than before

All sales functions of Kespet will be transferred to ISOPARTNER Oy starting January 2024. Kespet focuses only on sheet metal cladding production. Kespet’s entire product range will become part of ISOPARTNER’s range, and customers have an even more comprehensive range of products. Kespet’s familiar salespeople will also be part of ISOPARTNER’s sales force so that more expertise will be available.

ISOPARTNER specializes in the distribution and conversion of innovative solutions for technical insulation. Focusing on expertise, standard and customized solutions, and excellent logistics, ISOPARTNER is your best partner to strengthen your competitive advantage.



Quality, environment and certifications

The production of our products has been certified with both the ISO9001:2015 quality management system and the ISO14001:2015 quality and environment management system. We strive to serve our customers with expertise and aim to provide a high quality customer care experience at all times. Our factory is located Vaajakoski, Jyväskylä.

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