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The energy saving potential of insulation in industry is significant, but insulation is still weak in many production facilities. TIPCHECK auditing reliably identifies the energy and cost savings that can be achieved through industrial insulation.

TIPCHECK provides unbiased information on the energy savings achieved through insulation

TIPCHECK is a method developed by the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF) to bring tools and solutions to industry to save energy by improving insulation. Kespet is qualified for TIPCHECK auditing, which is an impartial service and complies with both European and international energy auditing standards.

The name TIPCHECK comes from the words Technical Insulation Performance and Check. The TIPCHECK audit is thus, as its name implies, an energy audit specializing in technical insulation systems.

The higher the temperatures faced by the industry, the more important role a good technical insulation plays in controlling heat loss. In addition, studies by EiiF have found that a significant proportion of low-temperature (50–100 °C) sites are completely uninsulated and therefore have a high potential for energy savings.

TIPCHECK helps you find effective ways to save energy

The most important task of a TIPCHECK audit is to identify the components with the highest energy saving potential and the most profitable payback times. Usually, the greatest potential for savings lies in uninsulated parts, but improving the insulation of already insulated parts can sometimes bring significant savings.

TIPCHECK primarily aims to reduce industrial CO2 emissions and thereby reduce the impact on the environment. Every company must take its share of responsibility for the environment. A TIPCHECK audit provides information on how much the carbon footprint can be affected by improving the insulation of your site.

A positive by-product for energy savings for the company is, of course, saving money. As energy prices rise, this is an even more important aspect. The lower the CO2 emissions, the less the company will have to pay emission fees, which have been rising year by year.

The TIPCHECK audit can be included in the energy audit

The Energy Efficiency Act obliges large companies to carry out a mandatory annual energy audit, which identifies measures to improve the company’s energy use and energy efficiency. However, the contribution of insulation to energy consumption has generally not been taken into account, so the audit remains incomplete. The TIPCHECK audit provides the information needed for this area.

In Europe, companies are already required to have an energy class C level in energy efficiency, and most likely the same will be required in Finland in the next few years. TIPCHECK provides good guidelines for achieving this.

TIPCHECK audit steps:


The customer will see a calculation made on site with the help of a mobile app already at the inspection stage. It gives an indication of the energy savingpotential. After that, an even more accurate calculation is made on the basis of the data collected, and proposals for insulation solutions are planned.

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