Isopartner AS: “The cooperation has been great since day one”

Norwegian Isopartner AS relies on Kespet as a supplier of sheet metal claddings. The cooperation also supports Isopartner’s own sales.

Cooperation between two actors in the insulation sector

Isopartner AS is Norway’s leading wholesaler of technical insulation and accessories related to it. The company has been using Kespet’s products and calculation service for several years. Isopartner AS is part of the Isopartner Nordic Group as well as the IPCOM Group, like Kespet.

Trond Erik Johansen, a key account manager at Isopartner AS, has been the contact person for Kespet and shares the same interest in the insulation industry as Kespet.

“I work in sales in our company and I like my job very much. It’s rewarding to help customers with their challenges with technical insulation solutions,” says Johansen.

For Johansen, Kespet has been familiar for a few years.

“My first contact with Kespet was in the fall of 2019, just a few weeks after I started working here at Isopartner. Since that day, I have been in regular contact with Kespet. Before that I had worked for Kaefer Construction AS for 22 years and I already knew Kespet through it,” he says.

Quality and strong industry expertise

Isopartner AS has mainly ordered sheet metal products from Kespet’s own production.

“We have ordered, for example, sheet metal claddings, coils, corrugated sheet metal and support rings – the latest order went just last week,” says Johansen.

“The quality of the products at Kespet is excellent, absolutely top notch,” Johansen adds.

However, the products themselves are not the only essential factor in the cooperation, but Kespet’s know-how and reliability are valued at least as much by Isopartner.

“Kespet has a strong industry understanding and knowledge base. That is the main reason why our cooperation has continued from year to year, ”says Johansen.

“Kespet is a partner for us to trust in the supply of sheet metal cladding materials. Cooperation is also important for our sales: I have made several deals thanks to it,” Johansen continues.

The calculation service makes it easier to succeed in projects

The basis of the co-operation has been Kespet’s accounting service, which offers more than just the ordered products. It includes, among other things, the calculation of project-specific material quantities, product prefabrication and timely deliveries. The goal is to make the customer’s projects as smooth as possible.

In collaboration with Kespet, Johansen especially appreciates its ease.

“The cooperation has been great since the beginning and I look forward to expanding further in the future. Kespet is a professional and good partner – definitely the number one choice for us as a supplier of claddings.”

“I would definitely recommend their service to others, and I’ve already done so.”

Trond Erik Johansen
Key Account Manager
Isopartner AS, Norway


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