KESPET’s sales operations will be part of ISOPARTNER’s business operations

As of January 1, 2024, Kespet’s sales will be transferred under ISOPARTNER, and Kespet will focus only on producing sheet metal claddings.

Kespet will continue to manufacture sheet metal claddings

From the beginning of January, Kespet’s operations will focus solely on producing sheet metal claddings, coils, sheets, corrugated sheet metal products, and base and support structures. ISOPARTNER takes over the sales of the products. Pekka Asikainen continues to lead Kespet. The warehouse and production staff will remain unchanged, and the sales staff will move to work for ISOPARTNER.


Kespet’s products become part of ISOPARTNER’s selection

As a result of the merger, Kespet’s selection will become part of ISOPARTNER’s already extensive product selection. From ISOPARTNER, you can find, e.g., K-Flex cellular rubbers, Paroc wools, and Dormer Pramet drills which haven’t been in Kespet’s selection.

The industrial calculation and dimensioning service and TIPCHECK auditing offered by Kespet will be transferred to ISOPARTNER’s services.

The Kespet Online service will be closed on December 22, 2023.


Improving performance

Kespet is part of the IPCOM group, which has another similar sheet metal cladding factory in Germany – ISOPARTNER Volkach. The goal is to create standard operating models for the factories and build production units that complement each other in Europe’s northern end and center. Production volumes will increase, which will improve supply reliability around the world even more. At the same time, it is possible to ensure more environmentally friendly transportation when one of the factories is in Central Europe.


ISOPARTNER is part of the IPCOM Group

ISOPARTNER is part of the international IPCOM group. IPCOM is a rapidly growing and ambitious group specializing in thermal, high-temperature, passive fire protection, and sound insulation solutions.

IPCOM strives to be a pioneer in the changing market environment, responding to customers’ needs with standard and customized solutions. IPCOM creates sustainable value through its strong local presence, strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers, wide product range and availability, excellent quality of logistics, and customer service.

We look forward to the beginning of next year when we get to work together! If you have any questions about the change, please get in touch with us.