Catalogue & price list

You’ll find our current price lists and product catalogue on this page.

The price lists can be downloaded as Excel- compatible files, or PDF- files (with the exception of installation equipment and tools, only available as PDF).

Kespet Oy order form for HVAC- and AC-claddings, download here!


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Sheet metal claddings- and products, base structures


HVAC- and process pipes

Claddings  aluminium      Excel | PDF

Claddings hot galvanized    Excel | PDF   (Updated 1.10.2019)

Claddings stainless      Excel | PDF

Claddings color coated      Excel | PDF   (Updated 1.10.2019)

Insulation boxes     Excel | PDF (Updated 1.10.2019)

Vessel claddings     Excel | PDF   (Updated 1.10.2019)

Other formed parts      Excel | PDF   (Updated 1.10.2019)


VAC claddings aluminium    Excel | PDF

VAC claddings hot galvanized   Excel | PDF   (Updated 1.10.2019)

VAC claddings color coated   Excel | PDF  (Updated 1.10.2019)

Other VAC-formed parts    Excel | PDF  (Updated 1.10.2019)

Other sheet metal products and base structures

Coils and sheets     Excel | PDF   (Updated 28.6.2019)

Corrugated sheet metal      Excel | PDF  (Updated 1.10.2019)

Moldings house building and industry    Excel | PDF  (Updated 1.10.2019)

Base structures      Excel | PDF

Mineral wool insulation products

Paroc insulation – HVAC

Pipes and formed parts    Excel | PDF   (Updated 28.6.2019)

Mats and slabs      Excel | PDF   (Updated 28.6.2019)

Paroc insulation – Industrial

Pipes and formed parts    Excel | PDF

Mats and slabs  Excel | PDF   (Updated 28.6.2019)

ISOVER insulation – HVAC

The listing will be updated on 19.6.2019

Technical elastomeric foam insulation


Armacell elastomeric insulation products

Armaflex XG pipes, sheets and formed pieces    Excel | PDF

Armaflex Ultima pipes and sheets      Excel | PDF

PVC- and alufoil claddings


PVC- claddings, foils and elbows  Excel | PDF

Aluminium foil pipes and elbows  Excel | PDF

Ceramic Thermal Insulation

Morgan Thermal Ceramics Superwool  Excel | PDF

CUI products

Integrity Products CUI  Excel | PDF

Installation equipment and tools


Installation equipment and tools    PDF    (Updated 2.10.2019)

Freight, packaging and other delivery charges


Freight packaging and other delivery charges  Excel | PDF

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