Standardized sheet metal claddings solve industrial insulation challenges

Standardized sheet metal claddings maximize insulation’s benefits and make insulation more cost-effective.

The suitability, durability, performance, and safety of insulation are vital considerations when designing and implementing insulation. At the same time, what choices need to be made to ensure that insulation is the most sustainable investment possible?

Life-cycle thinking is increasingly applied to all operations and production aspects in industry. Even the most minor details matter. Insulation saves costs and the environment by reducing energy consumption and emissions. From a cost-effectiveness and sustainability perspective, how insulation is implemented is not irrelevant.

A standardized sheet metal cladding maximizes the benefits of insulation and makes insulation more cost-effective. Cladding protects the insulation and improves its performance. Not only do they provide a finished result, but they are also simple to use. 


Standardized sheet metal cladding makes your insulation project run smoothly

Cladding protects the insulation from mechanical wear and tear and damage caused by fire, moisture, or impact. It contributes to the lifetime of the insulation and increases its performance.

Kespet’s sheet metal claddings can be manufactured to meet the standards and requirements of any country and are compatible with all commonly used insulation materials. Whatever the pipe’s diameter and the insulation’s thickness, you will find a correctly sized sheet metal cladding ready for use. Ready-made sheet products are easily scalable to even the most massive construction projects. 

Pre-measured sheet metal claddings fit in place without special tools or on-site adjustment. Simply installing them in place is enough – even the holes for rivets and screws are provided. Standard dimensions ensure that each cover fits perfectly with the other parts.

Standardized sheet metal claddings are a quick and easy alternative. A correctly sized, ready-to-use cladding reduces the time spent on measuring, fabricating, and fitting parts.


Quality guarantees a long life cycle

Cladding is an essential part of industrial insulation and can have a tangible impact on the life cycle of insulation. Kespet’s sheet metal claddings meet high-quality standards. In practice, they are maintenance-free and last for decades. If the insulation under the covering needs to be replaced, you can reuse the same cladding. 

You can quickly replace standard sheet metal cladding with new ones if necessary. You don’t need to order the right piece separately; you can request a new, pre-cut part. 

Another advantage of sheet metal cladding is that it can be recycled, as even used cladding is not a useless waste. You can recycle it, and the material can be reused. It helps to meet the environmental requirements of the plant.


The cost-effectiveness advantage of standardized sheet metal claddings 

Standardized sheet metal coverings are a cost-effective solution: 

  • long life span 
  • spare parts are always readily available
  • easy to extend the areas to be insulated.


Our extensive stocks and production capacity ensure that, if necessary, sheet metal claddings are available at concise notice and do not impede the progress of your project. In addition to Finland, Kespet sheet metal cladding can be purchased in Sweden and Norway and delivered to other parts of the world if required. 

Universal sheet metal cladding allows insulated areas to be modified or extended without starting from scratch. Simply ordering new parts is enough, and the old sheeting will fit seamlessly with the new.

If required, the claddings can also be ordered by other national building codes and standards and with your dimensions, allowing you to benefit from Kespet’s sheeting quality, for example, in international projects. 

Make insulation effective; take advantage of the benefits of Kespet’s universal sheet metal claddings and the professionalism of our experts.