Reliable and no tied-up capital

No other company in the world offers a service like ours. You get the most comprehensive package in existence for completing your insulation project efficiently. In addition, you get savings due to everything being supplied from the same company. Your resources, funds, and time are freed up for managing other aspects of the construction project.

Kespet’s project calculation service includes:

  • project calculation and dimensioning
  • technical support at the procurement stage
  • insulation quality assurance consulting
  • supervision training
  • dimensionally accurate and easy-to-install parts
  • interim storage of prefabricated parts
  • product logistics and delivery anticipate

Project calculation service for industrial projects

Our project calculation service is designed to make industrial insulation projects, such as factories and processing plants, easier. Through our service, we can offer our customers accurate project material requirements including parts like protective claddings, technical insulation, and equipment. We also handle the dimensioning and measurements for said parts on a project basis and take care that everything needed is delivered on-site!

In addition, consultation is available through us. The consultation includes e.g. updating of factory-specific insulation standards and training of staff, such as insulation supervisors. The training ensures that insulation work standards are met and that supervisors are more knowledgeable so that they are able to see and deal with potential problem areas in the forehand.

Benefits of project calculation service:

  • the total price of the project material already at the bidding stage – no surprises as the project proceeds
  • releases customer’s resources: time and funds
  • site logistics are efficient
  • funds are not tied up to unproductive things such as storage
  • allows the client to focus only on productive work
  • provides security for budget

We take responsibility for the material amounts and dimensioning being calculated correctly. We also handle the shipping of all required parts, materials and if needed, tools, on-site utilizing our efficient logistics network.

How does this work?

1. We do the calculation and dimensioning work based on our customer’s source material, such as CAD drawings and 3D models. We can handle all national and international standards and specifications. The calculations can also be done based on our customers own specific needs

  • technical CAD drawings
  • the most common 3D modeling formats
  • other technical drawings
  • excel spreadsheets

2. Through our service, we offer our customers a total cost offer with accurate project material requirements including parts like protective claddings, technical insulation, equipment, and their logistics.

  • total price for materials and prefabricated parts
  • the required quantities of material per site
  • the percentage of waste used in the material calculation

3. After accepting our offer, our customer receives the dimensioning data and installation instructions for the project. All required materials and pre-fabrication materials are included, with complete dimensioning information and amount requirements.

  • precise dimensions for the entire project
  • a clear breakdown of the materials required

4. The project start-up meeting takes place, where all the details are reviewed, and the project planned thoroughly.

  • materials
  • packaging and labeling
  • freight, shipping policies, batches, and delivery times
  • standards to be used
  • determining factors in dimensions (pictures/lists)
  • base structures, notches end caps, and lengths of moldings
  • installation pictures

5. After the start-up meeting the required products are manufactured according to mutually agreed-upon schedules and our customer’s wishes. We will ship everything onsite as ready to be installed.

  • parts completed efficiently and quickly without compromising on quality
  • delivery according to agreed schedules

6. Active collaboration takes place through the whole project timeline. After completion, the project is reviewed to guarantee satisfying results and develop ideas for future projects.