Kespet's sheet metal claddings for biodiesel plant in Singapore

Kespet’s sheet metal claddings for a biodiesel plant in Singapore

Ari Takala, who led the insulation contract, says that the cooperation with Kespet went exactly according to the agreement and that high-quality, finished sheet metal claddings reduced the need for local labor.

Kespet supplied sheet metal claddings for the entire insulation contract

During 2021, a new biodiesel plant was built in Singapore, and its insulation project was led by Ari Takala of the Finnish company Arme Oy. Arme Oy is an internationally operating contracting company that implements demanding insulation and scaffolding construction projects for its customers in various industries.

“We have a cooperation company here with a local firm, Arme Foster Singapore, where I currently work as a manager. We are doing half of the insulation for the entire large-scale project. Kespet has supplied all the sheet metal claddings needed for this construction site,” says Takala.

This is a major project that is also of great importance for the environment. The construction of a biodiesel plant is an investment in the fight against climate change, and work is being done in the insulation sector to achieve the same goal. Insulation is one of the important ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

High quality delivery right down to the packaging method

Kespet was familiar to Arme Oy and Takala even before the Singapore project, so confidence in smooth cooperation served as a good basis.

“We have a long history in cooperation. We have been using Kespet’s services and products for many years: for example, prefabricated products, steel products and profile sheet metal. I already know almost all the staff and I have been satisfied with the cooperation,” says Takala.

The Singapore project was much larger in scale than previous projects, but when well planned, everything went according to Takala’s expectations.

“The sheet metal coverings and curves we needed were made at Kespet in Finland, packed in containers and sent to us. The big delivery included two large container items. I placed the order in June 2021, and delivery was already received in July-August.”

“The goods were delivered from Kespet to us just as agreed. There was some delay in shipping, but we were able to anticipate that by ordering the delivery in advance.”

“The quality of the delivered products was good and care had been taken in packaging. Here in Singapore, the quality criteria are a little different. When I showed the locals how well Kespet’s products were packaged, they were really amazed. After seeing the first order, they told me to order the rest of the products from Kespet, too,” Takala laughs.

Delivery reliability and reduction in the need for labor as benefits

As with previous projects, Takala gives positive feedback to Kespet this time as well.

“I have very good experiences of cooperation. The best aspects of Kespet’s service are delivery reliability and a good product range. Delivery times also make sense,” Takala concludes.

Due to the constraints imposed by Covid, the acquisition of ready-made sheet metal claddings brought even more benefits to the project than usual.

“Singapore currently has really strict restrictions on admission and therefore it is not possible to get labor from abroad. When we ordered sheet metal claddings from Kespet, we were able to save all available labor for other work phases. The costs may have risen a little higher, but at the same time we benefited from Kespet’s delivery reliability and we were able to complete the contract with the available manpower,” Takala explains.