All about Kespet’s sheet metal claddings, part 6: Insulation boxes

The main subject of the sixth part of this article is the insulating cases that Kespet manufactures for various equipment, valves, and flanges.

Insulation boxes extend the life of valves and flanges

Valves and flanges are part of all piping systems and cause heat loss, i.e., energy loss, just like other parts of the piping system. However, valves and flanges are often left entirely uninsulated because they must be accessible for maintenance and frequent use. They are also challenging to insulate and may be located in confined spaces. Insulation is essential because it protects the item from mechanical wear and tear and saves energy.

Kespet’s sheet metal cladding system includes insulation boxes, which we manufacture according to customers’ requirements for various equipment, valves, and flanges. Our insulation boxes can be reopened and closed thanks to the locks for boxes, allowing the same insulation box to be used for long periods.

In addition, Kespet’s insulation boxes come standard with insulation attached to the box, making opening and closing the box neat and easy – no need to remove and install the insulation separately. The insulation boxes are made of the same sheet metal material as the rest of the piping system, which protects the valve or flange against mechanical wear and dirt.

We manufacture insulating housings according to the customer’s requirements

The insulation boxes can be made in several parts to make installation and different pipe penetrations easier. The insulation boxes are manufactured with the installation position in mind so that the cladding joints are made so water cannot enter the insulation box. If the insulation box is installed upright, a cone head can be made on the box to prevent rain or splash water from pooling on the insulation box.

The price of the insulation box includes:

  • wool spikes
  • locks for box
  • insulation of the pipe claddings.

It is also possible to pre-drill a hole in the insulation box according to the dimensions and location specified by the customer. The insulation box can be either reinforced or a more traditional simple joint. Insulation boxes are available as multipart boxes and vertical boxes with cone heads. The insulation boxes are manufactured with a standard joint B or a reinforced joint if the enclosure is large, i.e., over 800 mm in diameter.