All about Kespet’s sheet metal claddings, part 3: Elbows and pipe claddings

The third part of this series of articles focuses on the elbows and claddings of sheet metal claddings used to coat pipework, for example, without which the cladding would not work.

Elbows and pipe claddings allow allow the coating of insulated pipelines

Various types of piping and ventilation ducts combine both straight and curved sections. To coat an entire pipeline or ventilation system, you need elbows and pipe claddings, i.e., curved and straight pieces from which the whole can be constructed.

We manufacture Kespet sheet metal cladding elbows for HVAC pipes as well as for AC pipes. In HVAC curves, the number of pieces varies according to the diameter of the sheet metal (D). However, the number of elements for AC curves is always the same: a start piece, two intermediate pieces, and a finished piece.

The standard cutting directions of the Kespet elbows are A/C and B/C. The manufacturing radius for AC elbows is 1 x d (d = duct diameter), while the corresponding radius for HVAC elbows is 1,5 x d (d = pipe diameter). The standard lengths of Kespet sheet metal claddings’ pipe claddings are 1 000 and 1250 mm, and if the diameters exceed 1 000 mm, the elbows and pipe claddings are made in two pieces. Elbows and claddings with diameters greater than 1 500 mm shall be provided with support stakes.

Standards ensure ease of use for both the customer and the manufacturer

Standards largely determine the type of elbows and claddings we produce. By ordering Kespet sheet metal claddings, you can be sure you will receive goods that comply with the standards. If required, we can also make claddings to the dimensions supplied by the customer.

Key benefits of Kespet sheet metal claddings:

  • Our products are easy to order and install.
  • All you need are screws and staples.
  • The claddings are built to last – you can replace the claddings years from now with the same products.
  • For example, you can replace only piping parts instead of the entire cladding.
  • Our factory-made products are quality-checked.