All about Kespet’s sheet metal claddings, part 2: Beadings

In the second part of this series of articles, we’ll go over the fittings used in Kespet’s sheet metal claddings. The right type of seam will ensure that the components stay together and don’t let water in.

Beadings have their place and function

In the first part of this series of articles, we looked at Kespet’s excellent sheet metal claddings. In addition to their dimensions, unparalleled beading is a feature without which our sheet metal claddings would not be so amazing and worthy of praise. 

A beading that does its job has its place and its function. Thanks to beadings…

  • the parts stay together and can be installed quickly and easily
  • make the seam watertight
  • a professional-looking finish to the installation.

And that’s not all – they also mean you don’t need more than screws or staples to install the claddings. Beadings also allow for thermal expansion: when a pipe expands due to heat, the sheets must accommodate the expansion.

However, more than the mere existence of beadings is required to guarantee success. For example, if installed incorrectly, they will not carry fluid away from the insulation as they should if installed correctly. In this case, the sheet metal cladding will not properly protect the insulation, and moisture damage may result.