The annual Erkkasäbä was played again

The year’s highlight in the insulation industry, the Erkkasäbä floorball tournament organized now for the fifth time, brought together ten teams, all eager to win. The day culminated in Kymsol’s well-deserved victory.

The expected annual Erkkasäbä floorball tournament was played on Friday, 3 February 2023, in Hutunki, Jyväskylä – with as strong an attitude as ever! 

This time there were ten teams, a total of around 120 players. There was even more enthusiasm for participation, but we had to limit the number of teams so that all the games could be played on the same day. 

All participants were Kespet’s active customers from the industrial and building technology sectors: 

  • 247 Eristys
  • Arme Oy
  • Eristysurakointi Heikkinen Oy
  • KSPT-Insulation Oy
  • Kymsol
  • Lämpösulku Oy
  • Pept Oy
  • Saimaan Eristys Oy

… and as the tenth team, there was, of course, our own team.

The sweaty tournament lasted an entire working day: the first game started at 9 a.m. and the last game was over at 3:30 p.m. The finals went to extra time when Eristysurakointi Heikkinen and Kymsol fought seriously for the win. 

After a tough fight, Kymsol deservedly took the victory trophy – congratulations! Eristysurakointi Heikkinen Oy was in the finals for the second time in a row, which was also a great accomplishment. A dinner at Restaurant Verso crowned the tournament day. 

The Kespet team thanks all participants! You made the day amazing. Now it’s time to start training for next year. 💪