Survey results: Kespet is a responsible pioneer

We investigated how Kespet’s brand appears in our customers’ eyes and how we have achieved our responsibility goals from the employees’ point of view.

At Kespet, responsibility is an essential part of our operations. Sustainable actions from the point of view of the environment and social and economic responsibility are the basis of everyday work. We wanted to investigate how Kespet’s brand appears in our customers’ eyes and how well we have achieved our responsibility goals from the personnel’s point of view.

In the spring of 2023, we surveyed our customers and staff about their satisfaction and experience with Kespet. A summary of the results shows that the goals of our operation and the perceived result are in line:

  • Customers perceive the customer service and products to be of high quality.
  • Kespet’s brand is perceived as responsible and reliable.
  • Most personnel feel that they are doing meaningful work and that their well-being at work is good.

A good customer service experience is highlighted in the customer survey

We implemented a customer satisfaction and brand survey in the spring of 2023. 19% of our customers responded to it.

The survey results emphasize an excellent customer service experience, both in verbal feedback and quantitative measures. NPS (net promoter score) tells how likely the customer is to recommend the company. In Kespet’s study, this reading was 71.

Almost 90% of respondents thought that Kespet’s customer service responded to inquiries quickly enough. Also, in the verbal feedback, customers highlighted customer service and high-quality products in several comments:

“As an HVAC contractor, I consider fast action and, of course, competitive prices important. Both of these are realized with Kespet, without forgetting the great customer service.”

“Good, high-quality, professional and fast customer service from the entire staff.”

“At Kespet, customers are equal and the service is truly customer-oriented.”

“If there are problems with the insulation choice, you can always count on expert help from Kespet.”

“The high-quality products are easy to install and you can rely on the agreed delivery schedules.”

The brand image corresponds to our goal

With the customer survey, we also found out our customers’ views on the Kespet brand.

On a scale of 0–10, Kespet’s brand is perceived

  • to be responsible, an average of 9.2
  • to be reliable, an average of 9.4
  • forerunner, average 9.

“We decided to do a customer satisfaction survey for the first time, also a little measurement of Kespet as a brand. We wanted to see if all the measures and decisions we have made over the years have been implemented in our daily operations,” Kespet CEO Pekka Asikainen explains.

“It’s easy to say or write online that we are responsible, reliable and pioneers, but our customers are the ones who look at our operations the most critically. Based on the survey results, we are heading in the right direction and the values that are important to us are also reflected in our operations. It’s good to continue from here”, he rejoices.

The personnel feel that they are doing meaningful work

“We do a job well-being measurement twice a year, development discussions, and score the performance of our supervisors. Having fun at work and the well-being of all Kespets employees is a big thing for us, something we constantly pay attention to in our processes,” says Asikainen.

In this year’s survey, the employees’ experience of the meaningfulness of their work, in particular, emerged as a strength. Employees’ also perceived clarity about one’s role and expectations for work as excellent. Most employees also get to do the things they do best every day.

72% of the employees who responded to the survey rated their overall work mood as excellent. It means that overall well-being at work is good both physically and mentally.

The measure that tells how likely an employee would recommend an employer, i.e. the eNPS reading, is 28 according to the survey, which can be considered a reasonable level. The 18 percent increase compared to the previous year is particularly pleasing.

In the survey examining the activities of front-line staff, employees mainly brought up their satisfaction with front-line staff. The employees gave the best scores to front-line employees for thinking about us, acting with enthusiasm, and honoring the personnel. Employees gave a total score of 4.7/6 to the seniors.

“There are many things in people’s lives outside of work that are even more important than twisting the sheet metal, which we can hardly influence. But when that sheet is twisted, I feel that it is our responsibility to ensure things work. We want people to feel that their work is meaningful and that they are able to influence their work and feel safe”, says Asikainen and continues:

“We analyze the results obtained during the year and prioritize them for the following years. It will never be perfect, but it would be sheer laziness not to try”, Asikainen emphasizes.