Kespet is now part of the international IPCOM Group

On June 30, 2021, the European insulation industry pioneer IPCOM acquired the entire share capital of Kespet Oy. For IPCOM, this is an opening to the Finnish market and for Kespet an opportunity to network in Europe even more efficiently.

IPCOM is Europe’s leading insulation group

IPCOM Group is an ambitious and fast-growing European group of companies, specialized in thermal insulation, fire insulation, acoustical insulation and sound insulation. The range of products and services is very similar to that of Kespet, so starting a collaboration is natural and it nicely supports the growth goals of both.

IPCOM is headquartered in Belgium. The group employs more than 1,000 people and delivers solutions through more than 50 locations in 14 European countries. With more than 750 qualified insulation professionals, IPCOM develops and delivers solutions for all insulation purposes.

IPCOM provides insulation solutions for many industries

As customers, IPCOM has international contractors, installers, resellers and equipment manufacturers in various fields.

IPCOM offers modern insulation solutions, among other things

  • to the automotive industry
  • manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • oil and gas industry
  • process industry
  • food industry
  • construction industry
  • for plumbing installations
  • household energy efficiency and fire safety
  • health care needs
  • sports facilities
  • public transport.

Digitalisation as an enabler of development

Digital technologies play an important role in IPCOM’s operations, improving efficiency and performance and enabling the customization of products and services. This can also create new business models and make business processes more sensible.

IPCOM invests heavily in staff development and training. Multi-professional teams are developed to foster innovation, strengthen customer interaction, and improve traditional products with services, software, and data analytics.

With innovative solutions, IPCOM wants to promote a safer, more comfortable, greener and more sustainable environment.