Kespet + IPCOM = growth opportunities for both

For Kespet, joining the IPCOM Group is an excellent opportunity to further strengthen the expertise and product range in the insulation industry and to support other IPCOM Group companies with our own special expertise. Of course, not all possibilities can be known yet, but strong cooperation provides the conditions for growth in general.

Competence is strengthened through cooperation

The cooperation enables both us and IPCOM to develop our insulation expertise more and more effectively. By sharing know-how, we are able to serve our customers in a more versatile way.

The product range is expanding

The most visible benefit for Kespet’s customers is that more insulation products will be added to the range through IPCOM’s business cluster. The product range is likely to expand to include, for example, fire protection products, acoustic insulation and soundproofing products, products with extremely hot temperatures, and various insulation solutions and assemblies. At the same time, the knowledge and professional skills of the specialties within the insulation industry will be increased.

Kespet’s know-how can be exported to international markets

The biggest benefit for Kespet’s business is networking through IPCOM to Europe and other countries in IPCOM’s area of ​​operation. In the future, the core competence of our own production, sheet metal claddings, will have a much larger market from abroad. It will certainly have a decisive impact on accelerating our growth. As part of a larger business cluster, we also benefit from joint marketing.

Background support for everything we do

In addition to the above, there are other benefits that make the business run more smoothly. IPCOM provides assistance, for example, in the procurement of raw materials and in agreements with principals. More can be invested in development work, and synergies with other IPCOM Group companies can be utilized.

Hopefully, the positive effects can also be seen at the individual level: cooperation with IPCOM is also a great opportunity for every Kespet Oy employee to show their own skills and get the support of an international organization for what they have done.

Summary: How do our customers benefit from all this?

Most importantly, we want to state that our service, which facilitates the customer’s processes, will be further improved. We will continue to provide everything our customers need for technical HVAC insulation, industrial insulation and sheet metal construction – and with IPCOM cooperation, a little more.

Undoubtedly, the opportunities brought by IPCOM are positively reflected in everything we do, which benefits our customers above all.