Christmas Raffle: Let’s make insulation great again!

Christmas is a time for caring and insulating. In fact, insulation is caring – caring for nature and for the savings you achieve in your business. Watch the insulation facts presented by Einari in the video and take your chance to win the coolest cap in the insulation industry!

Einari knows what he’s talking about

Einari, an insulation specialist already familiar from our previous videos, has an important point for anyone interested in the benefits of industrial insulation. There are some hard facts about the savings potential, and subtitles are included to support your understanding of rally English (a stereotypical Finnish English accent; the term comes from Finnish rally drivers who would often speak with this accent when interviewed).

Watch the video and also take part in the raffle below!

Win the Make insulation great again cap

In addition to the message itself, you probably paid attention to Einari’s awesome cap and maybe you’d like something similar for yourself? We have been asked a lot about these caps. Now it is possible to get a cap like this when you participate in the raffle.

Do this:

  1. Watch the video and count how many times the word ‘insulate’ is mentioned in its various forms.
  2. Submit your answer no later than 31.12.2021 using the form below and you will be entered into the raffle.

We draw the Make insulation great again cap among all those who participated by the deadline. The draw will take place on 2.1.2022. We will contact the winner in person and agree on how the prize will be delivered.

The raffle is over. Congratulations to the winners.

Do you want to know more about insulation?

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