All about Kespet’s sheet metal claddings, part 5: Supporting structures

The fifth part of this series of articles deals with supporting structures, which must be selected with some factors in mind to ensure a successful outcome.

Supporting structures for piping

Kespet base structures ensure the quality of the insulation and the protective cladding. Supporting structures are needed for pipework when using mat insulation – there is no need for supporting structures for a pipe, for example, as it supports the weight of the sheet itself. One of the main functions of the support structures is to prevent the wool from sagging, but they also hold the wool in place, especially in vertical pipes.

Together, the Kespet base structures, insulation materials, and protective claddings ensure the functionality of the process as planned. From Kespet, you can get support rings for HVAC and process piping and for round ventilation ducts.

We also offer:

  • support structures for mat and slab insulations and reducers
  • support strips for tank reducer cladding
  • diamond pieces
  • base structures
  • insulation fastening spikes.


Support rings for mat insulations:

  • 360° support ring vertical duct
  • Support ring 120°, horizontal duct
  • Support ring 240 °, horizontal duct
  • 360° support ring, with inner ring bolt joint
  • 360° support ring, bolt joint.

The ends of the support ring have 3 mm holes for fastening wire, except for the 120° variant, which has no holes. Distance support spacer distance is 200–400 mm.