A fun day at Särkänniemi with customers

Many of Kespet’s customers and their families took over Särkänniemi amusement park when Kespet arranged a day for their customers. This time, it was decided to ditch the potentially humid evening at the restaurant and exchange it for a family event at the amusement park. When asking anyone for their opinion on the event, it was 🌲/5.

Customer events are essential to Kespet’s customer care, just like in any other company. Today, the challenge is to get people to participate in events. This is because the time spent with one’s family is valued more than evenings, from which, in the worst case, you are left only with terrible dehydration.

That’s why we combined these two things – families and a customer event. We invited about 70 people from almost 20 companies to spend the day with us at the Särkänniemi amusement park. More families signed up than expected from all over Finland – from Helsinki, Tampere, Pori, Turku, Lappeenranta, and all the way to Kokkola. We offered rides passes for the whole family and lunch with desserts.

We thought that the group of participants would disappear into the crowd in Särkänniemi. However, this did not happen, and we also had a chance to talk some business. We also distributed black Kespet caps to everyone, making identifying our group easy. It’s easy to talk to cheerful people, and the conversations didn’t even revolve around insulation. At the point when the offspring requires cotton candy, there is no space for the sheet metal cladding.

The number of participants surprised even us. Usually, a handful of people participate in customer events, even after a long planning period. We didn’t have to worry; we easily got a suitable group together by dividing the customer base from those known or assumed to have children. Based on this experience, we will continue to organize customer days so the whole family can participate.

Next time we could offer an experience in the Kespet circus – Pekka is known to be good at the trapeze.