Kespet Oy’s humble beginnings took place in founder Markku Hietala’s garage at February 1977. At that time, the fresh and energetic company specialized in HVAC insulations, and got the name Keski-Suomen LVI-Eristys Ay. After just a few years, with continuous growth and developing business operations, this active four-year-old evolved into a limited company in 1981. At the same time the name was also changed to Keski-Suomen Putki- ja Teollisuuseristys Oy.


At pre-school age, during year 1983 the company’s operations were expanding to process industry insulation projects in Finland and other countries in Europe. The strong growth spurt began from the Kaipola paper factory expansion project. Staying ahead in the development was ensured by investing in modern machinery and production lines. New offices and warehouses were built continually as the old ones got too small. During the massive growth years another sales office was based in Helsinki, to support the Jyväskylä main office.


In it’s thirties, all wisened up, Kespet Oy decided to give up insulation contracting altogether and concentrate fully in the company’s own special know-how: industrial manufacturing of sheet metal protective claddings and base structure systems and insulation and sheet metal materials resale. In the process the company name was made more compact: Kespet Oy.
Today this middle aged, dear child has formed into a courageous pioneer in the technical insulation field, with over 40 years of experience regarding industrial and HVAC insulation. A renewed and wider ownership base guarantees that our youthful way of working is here to stay, and that there are no compromises in quality and customer service.