Technical insulation products

Armacell elastomeric insulation

Armacell is the leading closed cell elastomeric thermal-, and acoustic insulation product manufacturer in the world.The company delivers highly innovative, high quality products and systems around the globe. Kespet Oy supplies all Armacell products in their catalogue – below you’ll find a few examples of popular products.


Armaflex XG

Armaflex XG is a flexible solution for condension insulation in HVAC and cold installations. The combination of it’s technical properties – low heat conductivity and high steam diffusion resistance – and a competitive price make it a cost effective solution that saves energy.

The Armaflex XG line covers most pipes used in installations of this type, including thermoplastic pipes. The product minimizes heat loss, and possesses reliable condension insulation properties. Armaflex XG is produced from a closed cell, highly flexible elastomeric material, with synthetic rubber as the base raw material. A thin polyethylene film covers the surface.

Armaflex Ultima

The first elastomeric insulation product that has the Euro-class BL-s1, d0 (tubes) ja B-s2, d0 (slabs) approval. Armaflex Ultima fulfills modern requirements and reduces the risk of personnel injury. Flexible, reliable and safe. Ultimate is manufactured utilizing the patented Armaprene -technology. The flexible closed cell material produces extremely low amounts of smoke, therefore having a positive effect on the general fire safety level of any building.

Armaflex Ultimate also meets the Green Building certificatoin requirements. It can be used in HVAC construction, cooling systems and processing machinery and facilities. Low heat conductivity and high steam diffusion resistance (µ ≥ 7.000). The Ultima product family includes a perfect selection of pipes, mats, slabs, self adhesive tapes and Armafix -pipe holders.

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation

ROCKWOOL offers a full range of effective and durable insulation products. Insulation products have excellent fire, acoustic and thermal insulation properties based on innovative stone wool technology. The selection includes a wide range of products for different needs:

• building insulation
• facade insulation
• fire protection
• roof insulation
• technical insulation



ROCKWOOL RW800 insulations sections

RW800 insulation sections are made of water- and moisture-repellent fireproof ROCKWOOL stone wool.

The insulating section is coated with aluminium laminate and equipped with a tape seal in the longitudinal seam which prevents condensation and gives a quick installation. Sections are used for thermal, condensation and sound insulation of pipes and sewers.

The average density of the RW800 insulation section is 100 kg / m3.

ROCKWOOL CONLIT Fire safety products

The Fire Mat and Fire Board are made of water- and moisture-repellent fireproof ROCKWOOL stone wool.

The mesh mats are covered with galvanized steel mesh (hole size 25 mm) sewn into the wool fiber with a thin steel wire. The carpets are covered with black aluminium laminate and black polyester felt.

Mesh mats are suitable for fire protection of round and rectangular ventilation ducts. CONLIT Fire Mat solution for fire protection of round ventilation ducts up to EI120 and for rectangular ducts up to EI30.

Fire Board are covered with reinforced black aluminum foil. CONLIT Fire Board is used for fire protection of rectangular ventilation ducts.

Conlit Black tape gives a neat finish to the installation and prevents wool fibers from spreading.


ISOVER as a manufacturer offers multiple insulation solutions for different sites and usage. The catalogue includes safe products developed for all insulation needs. Construction, HVAC, industrial, marine and machinery insulation products can be found from the ISOVER selection. Kespet supplies the whole catalogue!



ULTIMATE offers excellent performances in fire, thermal and acoustical protection. Often almost twice lighter, more flexible, with a higher compression, and with a better thermal performance (reduced insulation thickness) than tradition mineral wool. ULTIMATE brings a lot of advantages to contractors, specifiers and distributors in residential, industrial (high temperature), and marine applications. ULTIMATE gives the possibility to save weight, to improve worker conditions and to design high performing constructions.

The innovative next generation material has excellent thermal-, and acoustic insulation properties, is fully firesafe, handles temperatures up to 700 degrees Celsius and is also fully environmental friendly.

ROHHE is the leading European mineral wool insulation manufacturer. We have full range of effective and durable insulation products for construction industry. ROHHE HVAC, process and equipmet industry tehcnical insulation are made of stone wool that is naturally durable and fire safe material.

All products have CE-certificates.

Flow a mineral wool lamella mat

is a lamella mineral wool mat covered with reinforced aluminium foil. The mineral wool used has fibers perpendicular to the insulated surface.

r.Flow A lamella mat is designed for thermal, anti-condensation and acoustic insulation for ventilation and air conditioning ducts. This product is also used for insulation of heating systems.

r.Flow A has lamella system of mineral wool fiber and because of that the thickness of insulation remains constant all over the surface. This is especially importat in corners and bends of isolated elements. Thanks to its construction r.Flow®A is resistant to squeezing, thus maintaining excellent flexibility and consistency.

Heat a mineral wool pipe section

r.Heat®A is a pipe section made of mineral wool coated with reinforced aluminium foil. The mineral wool has a high temperature (up to 300°C) resistance and its longitudinal fiber arrangement gives the product both rigidity and optimal thermal insulation properties. r.Heat®A:ssa has a longitudinal assembly cut and a wide, self-adhensive closing tab. r.Heat®A is intended for thermal, fire, anti-condensation and acoustic insulation of piping systems. The product is used in heating, ventilation, sanitary and industrial installations. The use of a reinforced cladding finished with a wide self-adhensive closing tab makes the assembly process both quick and secure.  Low chloride ion content (CL10) reduces the risk of corrosion of isolated components.

r.Heat®A has a unique system of maintaining the round shape of its internal diameter. Due to the special technology used to shape the walls of the pipe section, the loss of material within the assembly gap does not affect the round shape of the internal diameter. Thanks to this property the r.Heat®A  pipe section installed on the pipeline is tightly closed at the point of cut and ideally adheres to the pipeline, which directly counteracts the occurrence of “cold bridges”.

Other products

Here you’ll find other technical insulation products in our selection.

Morgan Thermal Ceramics

The ceramic thermal insulation products manufactured by Morgan are specifically used in very high operating temperature environments. The products are available in multiple thickness and density options. Kespet supplies the full Morgan Thermal Ceramics product range – please ask our sales team for a quote.