PVC and aluminium foil claddings

Aluminium foil

Kespet aluminium foil claddings are safe for HVAC pipe insulation systems in hospitals, public buildings and shopping centres. In other words, the products are suitable for environments and buildings in which people reside on a continuous basis.

Our aluminum foil claddings are made of metal. They have fireproofing classification A1, which under the decision of the EU Commission 2000/605/EY means “classified as fireproof without the need for testing.”

  • 100% fireproof
  • Environmental friendly
  • 100 % recycleable
  • Easy to install

PVC claddings

Sebald Ekafol PVC is the most commonly used and cost-efficient PVC cladding system for interior thermal insulations in Europe.  The compact, light grey plastic cladding protects insulated piping, bends and other pipesections and also protects valves from mechanical strain, grinding and moisture intrusion.