The project calculation service adds value to the material delivery of an insulation project

When you work with us, you don’t have to be an expert in what you need for insulation contracting. When you order materials from us, you get a project calculation service for the same price. It includes everything from the design and dimensioning of an insulation project to precise deliveries.

With the help of the project calculation service, it is easy to succeed in an insulation project

Insulation contracts for industrial sites are often large-scale entities, with the perfect end result consisting of a well-designed project and precisely matched details. If there is no previous experience with insulation contracts, this goal is not easy to achieve. The contract can also take a huge amount of time, which could be used more efficiently.

As a supplier of the materials needed for the insulation contract, we want to ensure the success of the entity by being the only operator in Finland to offer our customers a comprehensive project calculation service. We do not charge extra for the calculation service – our customers receive it automatically when they take the materials for the insulation contract from us.

With the exception of the installation work itself, our customers receive everything they need for a smooth insulation project: materials, prefabricated products, sizing, logistics and, if desired, even tools. By working closely together, the project achieves the best possible result.

The project calculation service brings a wide range of benefits to the insulation contract – here are the most important ones:

Our expertise will find the best solutions

We have helped hundreds of companies design and dimension insulation for a variety of factories, buildings and pipelines, so we have a very solid expertise to offer for insulation projects. We can offer the right solutions for even the most demanding insulation problems.

Proper sizing of materials enhances the project

Thanks to our experience, we are able to accurately estimate the quantities and dimensions of the materials required, so that the amount of loss is very small. We are also able to assess which products should be prefabricated. This speeds up site work and makes the whole project run more smoothly.

On-time deliveries save storage effort

We deliver the materials and products of the insulation contract at just the right time, so that our customer does not have any storage problems or costs at any stage of the project. Thanks to timely deliveries, installation work progresses efficiently without delays.

Careful budgeting avoids surprises

The project calculation service provides security for budget compliance. The total price of the project materials is already known at the bidding stage, so there will be no unpleasant surprises as the project progresses. A well-designed project is cost-effective in all respects and does not unnecessarily tie up the customer’s equity.

Easiness frees up customer’s resources

From the customer’s point of view, the insulation project is more effortless than usual thanks to the calculation service, as all the products needed for the project come as ready from us as possible. It makes projects easier and faster, frees up clients’ time for other project tasks, or allows them to focus on productive work.

Our project calculation service includes all this:

  1. Calculation. In order to be able to perform the calculation, we need site-specific materials from the customer. They can be technical CAD drawings, 3D modeling, other technical drawings, or Excel spreadsheets.

  2. Offer. Based on the calculation, we make an offer that includes
    – total price delivered for materials and preforms
    – the required quantities of material per site
    – the percentage of waste used in the material calculation.
    The offer includes exactly all the necessary materials, from protective coatings to fasteners.
  3. Specification. After accepting the offer, we will provide the customer with a clear specification with precise dimensions for the entire project. All necessary materials have been dimensioned and quantified on a site-by-site basis. Installation instructions for materials and preparations are also included.

  4. Kick-off meeting. The entire project is reviewed together with the client to get the details in order before work begins. The meeting will go through e.g. materials, freight and shipping practices, delivery times, standards used and dimensions.

  5. Production. After the kick-off meeting, the parts and materials of the project will be manufactured according to the agreed schedules and the customer’s wishes. Based on the information obtained from the calculation, the parts can be manufactured cost-effectively in large batches, but without compromising on quality.

  6. Delivery. Our extensive storage ensures the continuous availability of products, and delivery takes place exactly according to agreed schedules. Thanks to efficient logistics and the good location of our offices, our delivery times are short.

  7. Review. The cooperation continues actively throughout the project. When the project is completed, it is reviewed with the customer, comparing the offer and implementation, and evaluating the success of the project in terms of the amount of material, dimensions and deliveries. With the information gathered, potential future projects will be speeded up and made easier.

“The collaboration has been great since day one”

Our Norwegian customer company Isopartner AS has been using the project calculation service for several years. Trond-Erik Johansen, who works as a Key Account Manager in the company, especially appreciates ease in working with us.

“We have ordered claddings and corrugated sheets from Kespet. The cooperation has been great since the beginning and I look forward to expanding it further in the future. Kespet is a professional and good partner – definitely the number one choice for us as a supplier of claddings. I would definitely recommend their service to others, and I have already done it.”

Trond-Erik Johansen
Key Account Manager
Isopartner AS, Norway

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