Solutions to prevent corrosion under insulation

Corrosion under insulation is a sneeky disadvantage in many areas of industry. Destruction is usually noticed when the damage is already extensive. The phenomenon causes billions of euros in damage every year in power plant sectors, as well as in petrochemical sectors. New solutions are constantly being developed for the prevention and control of CUI.

The corrosion lurking under the insulation causes significant economic damage in various industries. Corrosion damages and even destroys materials and structures in pipelines and equipment. Often, the problem is detected too late because there is no tracking facility or technology that allows moisture to escape.

Iron and metal exposed to water or moisture oxidize – corrosion makes the material porous. Due to corrosion, the material becomes constantly more brittle and, over time, unusable. Corrosion hides its damages and therefore becomes costly – corrosion under insulation often has a long-lasting effect. As a result, repair and downage costs become high.


40% of the world’s steel production is used for replacing destroyed material.


Corrosion can be solved with various insulation solutions and with maintenance

The solution to prevent corrosion under insulation is Kespet’s CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) products. In particular, moderate and high-risk properties require 100% certainty from CUI products. Such items are piping, and equipment at variable temperatures and exposed to water and moisture.


Kespet – sheet metal claddings

Ready-to-install Kespet protective claddings and substructures are a high-quality and economical solution. The products are manufactured in quality-controlled, standardized processes on modern production lines. Automated production ensures successful installation. The products always take into account the control of water away from the insulation, compatibility, dimensional accuracy, and high-quality raw materials.


Rockwool WR-Tech insulation protects against corrosion
  • Kespet offers a patented Rockwool WR-Tech insulation with water repellency five times better compared to the European standard.
  • Rockwool WR Tech insulation is suitable, for example, for protecting an entire process plant against corrosion.
  • Rockwool, made of rock wool and WR Tech binder, effectively reduces the risk of corrosion under insulation.
  • WR technology retains its water-repellent property even after drying and heating, unlike many other rock wool products on the market.
  • Rockwool WR-Tech is available in both pipe sections and wired mats.


Inspect and maintain structures with the Integrity Products

The most susceptible to corrosion in pipelines are

  • Valve points
  • Brackets
  • Insulation claddings’ (poor) condition
  • Pipe connections and joints


From Integrity Products you can find a complete product family specializing in corrosion control and prevention. Kespet offers the Integrity product family of anti-corrosion products for the following applications:


  • Integrity Plugz™ Inspection Ports for condition checking and moisture measurements of various pipes and structures. The inspection port can be used to check the general condition of the insulation. The ports are available in different shapes and colors, with a heat resistance of over 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Insulation pillowz for repairing insulation. The insulation pillow can be used to repair damaged or removable insulation.
  • Water Indicator: The device is immersed in insulation and it reacts to moisture.
  • Drainplugs to allow moisture to escape from the object.
  • PTFE mats and spacers for “contact-free” insulation + fastening accessories.



Kespet’s long experience, know-how, and partners make
Kespet Finland’s leading technical insulation expert


Elastomeric insulation solutions for corrosion prevention

Kespet’s CUI products, e.g., products designed to prevent corrosion under insulation, are suitable for even the most demanding conditions. In laboratory tests conducted by our partners and corrosion experts, piping and equipment were exposed to the worst possible conditions that cause corrosion under insulation: temperature changes and moisture.


The test results show that Kespet’s CUI products are suitable for large equipment in the metal chemistry and petroleum industries, as well as for the long-term prevention of corrosion of pipelines under insulation. As insulation materials, we offer competitively priced Armacell products.


Armacell: Armaflex insulation materials

CUI tests confirm the excellent results of Armacell’s Armaflex insulation materials.

Kespet’s range includes Armaflex XG, which is especially suitable for air conditioning and cold installations, and Armaflex Ultima, which is suitable for HVAC construction, cooling systems, and process equipment.

The products provide effective and proven protection against condensation and energy losses. The materials are designed to be easy to install and fit around even complex components.


“Identify risks and design insulation accordingly” – Kespet Oy


For more information on the corrosion product family, contact our sales.


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