Reduce noise with ROCKWOOL’s RW800 pipe section

ROCKWOOL’s RW800 pipe sections are made from water and moisture repellent and fire-safe ROCKWOOL stone wool.

Unnecessary and constant noise is a distraction and can even have a detrimental effect on health by impairing hearing and affecting sleep, body and speech communication. The adverse effects of noise are particularly acute in urban areas and have therefore been addressed through noise regulations.

Sound insulation can reduce the power of sound as it passes through structures. Soundproofing is applied to various buildings to prevent noise in both domestic and working environments. This prevents noise from sewers being transmitted to the ears in the form of flow, fall or impact noise.

ROCKWOOL Finland Oy was founded in 1909 and it’s part of the Danish ROCKWOOL Group which is the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation and the largest producer of stone wool. The group offers a wide range of efficient and durable insulation products for the construction industry. These products are based on innovative stone wool technology and have excellent fire, acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

ROCKWOOL Group has a strong focus on sustainable and responsible production. ROCKWOOL has decided to invest heavily in reducing its environmental impact. All ROCKWOOL® products are recyclable.

RW800 reduces and absorbs sound

The high density of ROCKWOOL products makes their sound absorption properties excellent. ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is a great choice for noise reduction and it’s therefore one of the best solutions for sound and noise-safe construction. Stone wool can reduce noise from above by up to eightfold.

ROCKWOOL’s RW800 pipe sections are made from water and moisture repellent and fire-safe ROCKWOOL stone wool. RW800 is an aluminium laminate coated pipe section and is equipped with a tape sealer. The tape sealer facilitates installation at longitudinal joints and the tape can be installed at temperatures between -10°C and 50°C.

RW800 is used for sound, heat and condensation insulation of drains. The product is listed in the Nordic Ecolabel database and can therefore be used in Nordic Swan labelled buildings.

Key features of the RW800 pipe section

  • Insulation thickness: 20-100 mm
  • Length: 1 000 mm
  • External dimension: 55-473 mm
  • Inner diameter: 15-273 mm
  • Density: average 100 kg/m³
  • Max. operating temperature: 250 °C
  • Operating temperature: wool side 650 °C, aluminium 80 °C, fibre melting point > 1 000 °C

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