Pick up the products quickly and start insulating!

In our warehouses in four different locations, the products are collected for the customer even before the bottom of the coffee cup can be seen. Now we present our Helsinki warehouse workers Joni Sanden and Tuomas Rasinperä.

Wide range of products to order or pick up immediately

Warehouse, store or office – Kespet’s offices in Jyväskylä, Helsinki, Tampere and Turku have many names. The warehouse sales unit is perhaps the most descriptive word to tell you what it is all about. There are a lot of products in stock, they are available quickly and then your own work on the site can continue again.

Often, customers call first before they come to pick up the item, but it’s not a problem either if they order the product they need quickly directly from stock. And if the customer’s schedule doesn’t bend to picking up, Kespet’s warehouse salespeople can also drive to the customer’s site to deliver the goods.

“We have a good selection of products in stock at all times: for example, sheet metal claddings made in our Vaajakoski factory, wool gutter, cellular rubber, various carpets and sheet metal coils. The goal is to offer the customer the entire package at once,” says warehouse manager Joni Sanden.

Versatile work and serving customers

An ordinary day at Kespet’s warehouse in Helsinki is much more than just warehouse work: in addition to unloading and shelving goods, it is, for example, scheduling, sales and deliveries to customers’ construction sites.

“In the morning, I first look at what goods are coming to us during the day and anticipate the schedules based on it. After that, the day includes warehousing, answering calls and inquiries, and sales. Today I also went to deliver products to a couple of customers. The work is really versatile and sometimes even hectic,” describes Joni.

Above all, however, this job is customer service.

“Our principle is to serve our customers as quickly and well as possible. Even if we have other work in progress, the customer will always come first. As a rule, they get the products from us right away,” Joni continues.

Because there are usually many people working at the warehouse at once, customer orders are handled quickly. When a customer comes to the store, one of the warehouse workers can take the order. By the time the customer sips coffee and catches up with another warehouse worker, the ordered goods have already been collected from stock.

“We strive to ensure that the customer can leave us in good spirits,” says warehouse salesman Tuomas Rasinperä.

Tuomas’ working days also include a wide range of warehousing, delivery of customer orders and sales.


It’s easy and comfortable to come to Kespet’s store

Joni and Tuomas already have a solid experience of working at Kespet and the product range. Joni has more than 6 years of service and Tuomas has 12 years.

In addition to them, the Helsinki store’s team includes warehouse salesman Timo Borg, sales manager Eero Granlund and regional sales director Jani Hukkanen.

Most of the customers are already familiar with this team, which is why it is easy to come to Kespet’s store. Customers have also given positive feedback along with other conversations.

“They have mentioned that it’s nice to visit here and they have gotten good service,” says Tuomas.

“When customers are familiar to us, we can talk about how they are doing. They also know how we operate: we take care of things all the way to the end and leave nothing halfway. We care about our customers and make sure things get to the finish line,” Joni continues.

In order to keep the service pleasing to our customers, feedback is always welcome.

“We strive to develop our operation according to the wishes of our customers. So you all can give us feedback,” Tuomas reminds.

Welcome to Kespet’s store!

We open each of our offices right from 7 a.m. so you can visit us even before the start of the working day.

You can find more detailed contact information and opening hours of the stores here.

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