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Kespet’s service from order to delivery

The most important principle for us in our service is to give our customers a solution to their problem – the product to be delivered or the information they need from us. Easiness and speed are our strengths in the ordering process.

Professional service without setting in its ways

The service process is a fancy word to tell you how things work in theory. However, as our customers know, the most important thing for us at Kespet is that things work in practice. It is also in the customer’s best interest. 

Above all, good service means that we strive to get the customer taken care of at once. If we don’t know the solution right away, we’ll sort it out and come back to it once we have the answers together. The main thing is that the customers are not left alone with their problems.

When customers have a need for our insulation products, they can place an order either online or directly with our sales. We encourage our customers to use our online service. When they know which products to order, it is the fastest way to place an order. 

In practice, a large proportion of orders still come by telephone, and of course we also serve this way. Long-term customers in particular often find it natural to call a familiar contact directly and make sure the products are in stock. Then the actual order will be emailed afterwards. This is also a good way to order. 

Many of our customers are long-term and often have their own permanent contact person. In general, our sales people take care of matters related to sales, but for example, when customers pick up goods directly from the counter, our warehousekeepers can also take care of their sales. 

Some of them may also have their own “regulars” who, for example, the installers of our customer companies can call directly from the construction site. The main thing is that dealing with us is simple for the customer and one person can handle the entire order onwards. 

Aiming for fast deliveries 

Once a customer’s order has arrived for us, we will send an order confirmation via email. It tells you when the ordered products will leave our warehouse. 

Sometimes it makes sense to deliver your products in several deliveries. If some of the products are urgently needed stock products and some are manufactured after the order, we will state the schedules for both deliveries in the order confirmation. We may also have to order some of the products from the factory, in which case we will give an indicative estimate of the delivery time.

We keep our stock comprehensive to be able to deliver products on time. Stock products will be sent to the customer the next day after ordering. If the products have to be manufactured by order, it will take a little longer to deliver. The size of the order does not in itself have a direct effect on the delivery schedule. Same principles apply to orders of a few euros and one hundred thousand euros. 

Sometimes in larger projects, for example in industrial sites, we need detailed images of the site to be able to give an offer of products. Our accounting manager Antti Hyttinen will go through the pictures and list the products needed for the project as a basis for making an offer. Sometimes it may also be necessary to go on site to evaluate which solutions would be best for your site. 

Here’s how the process goes from order to delivery: 

  1. Order online or directly from our sales 
  2. You will get an order confirmation and information about the time of delivery by e-mail 
  3. Stock products will leave our warehouse next day and the ones we manufacture by order depending on the production situation. 

Try Kespet Online service

If you are not yet familiar with online ordering, now is a good time to practice. Register for our online ordering service here. After that, we will connect your customer account to the service, and after about a day, you can make your order. 

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