Kespet Online web order system to be published in November

We’re making orders easier for our customers.


Kespet Online service to make our customers’ work easier and faster


We wanted to make our customers’ work and purchase of our products easier and faster, which is why we established the Kespet Online service. It may not be the most traditional solution for selling HVAC and insulation solutions, but it has a clear purpose and need in the industry. We are at the forefront of digitalizing the insulation industry and responding to our customers’ need to shop regardless of time and place. Read the article and be convinced of the first online service for the material calculation in the insulation industry.


An easy-to-use service built on customer needs


Kespet Online is not bound by time or place. The service can be used around the clock and the geographical location does not matter. Because we want to continuously improve our level of service, but above all to keep prices competitive for our customers, we decided to build a service that works like a 24/7 store, without expensive maintenance and operating costs. However, we want to offer our customers the opportunity to shop when and where it suits them best. With the online service, we bring flexibility to our customers’ daily lives.

We could summarize the benefits of our online store as follows:


  • speeds up and simplifies the customer and Kespet ordering process
  • saves time and speeds up transactions when you can place an order online, at any time of the day and the product is ready to pick up in the store
  • streamline work when you choose delivery directly to the site
  • ready-made product proposals refine material calculation
  • saves the environment when orders are delivered centrally using Kespet’s network
  • our experts have more time to look for the best solutions for you


A service that provides ready-made solutions based on the customer’s purchasing process


Our online service is built entirely on the basis of our customers’ purchasing behavior. The process proceeds in the same way as a customer is accustomed to doing business with our salespeople in-store, by phone, or by email. The customer does not need to learn new ways or change their purchasing behavior, when they switch to using the online service.

Finding and ordering products is easy in online service. First you select a product group, after which you can select individual products from the product group. The product selection of the online service includes claddings, insulation, fasteners and tools. The online service fully matches our store selection, so you can find everything there.

The Kespet Online service can also build ready-made solutions, which reduces the number of errors. On the basis of one product selection, it is possible to build a complete solution including the cladding with insulation, and freeing the customer from calculating the insulation demand by him- or herself. For example, when purchasing AC claddings, the correct pipe size and desired insulation thickness for the pipe are first selected. The cladding material and the actual products are then selected, for example a pipe cladding. The length of the pipe should then be determined and once the length of the pipe cladding has been determined, the system will next ask if insulation is desired for the pipe. If you select yes, the system calculates the required amount of insulation based on the selected size and cladding products. So it is quite hard to make fault shopping at our service, but rather it adds precision to your material purchases.



Products delivered directly to the construction site


Once you have tapped the products you selected into the online service, you will see a summary of your purchases. You will then be able to enter your contact information and choose a delivery method. By ordering products directly on site, you speed up and make your own work much easier.

Kespet Online significantly speeds up the ordering of products. You can make your order any time and pick it up from the store or it can be delivered directly to the site. No need to drive to the store in a hurry no more. By using Kespet online service, you save your own time and even money. From the online service, you can check your order yourself before placing it forward. You can also see the entire order history from the service, so you stay on track of what you have ordered. Delivery is flexible directly to the construction site using Kespet’s network. This saves time and transportation costs.

Register with the Kespet Online service upon publication and get to test how easy it is to place orders. After registration, our staff will accept your registration request. You will be notified of the acceptance in your e-mail and after that you will be able to click on your order.


More information about the online service:

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