Kespet is getting official TIPCHECK expertise

Our accounting manager Antti Hyttinen is participating in the TIPCHECK training course of the European Industrial Insulation Association EiiF in Germany. It provides both qualification and tools for assessing the savings potential of industrial insulation.

What is TIPCHECK training?

The EIIF (European Industrial Insulation Association) provides training for energy auditors to provide tools and solutions for saving energy in the industry and reducing CO2 emissions by improving insulation solutions.

The name of the training, TIPCHECK, comes from the words Technical Insulation Performance Check. The training will enable you to evaluate the performance of your current insulation system and present better insulation solutions to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

The training is an intensive contact teaching period of five days plus a few additional training sessions. Those who pass the training are called EIIF-qualified TIPCHECK engineers.

For example, a TIPCHECK engineer can calculate the savings potential of a plant or plant in terms of money, energy or carbon dioxide emissions, and present insulation solutions to achieve that potential. TIPCHECK engineering training is high-quality training based on international standards, and graduates also have access to a reliable, standardized energy auditing tool.

There is a need for TIPCHECK engineers now and in the future

The European Union has set itself the ambitious goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. Many countries have set even tougher targets, including Finland’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2035.

Energy savings and CO2 reductions in industry are key to achieving those goals. According to an EIIF study in 2021, around 14 Mtoe of energy in the EU can only be saved by improving industrial insulation solutions, which will reduce CO2 emissions by 40 Mt per year.

These are significant emission reductions, and there is an increasing need for insulation professionals in the future. Insulation matters!

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