Energy saving is a special challenge for industry this fall

This fall, there is a greater need for saving energy than perhaps ever before. Read what you should know about the topic.

The campaign encourages energy saving

On October 10, 2022, the Finnish government will launch the Astetta alemmas (“one degree lower”) energy saving campaign, in which Finns are encouraged to take concrete energy saving measures.

The situation is affected by the stopping using imported energy from Russia, which has led to upward pressure on electricity, heat and fuel prices. Energy is now particularly expensive and saving energy is more important than ever.

Consumers are instructed, among other things, to lower the room temperature in their homes, shorten the time spent in the shower and use electrical appliances with consideration. Every little action matters in energy saving.

The fact is, however, that industry clearly has the greater potential for saving energy.

Planned power outages as an alternative

On August 28, 2022, Iltalehti published an article on energy saving talks in which Arto Pahkin, the manager of the Finnish grid company Fingrid Oyj, was interviewed. Pahkin says that if the campaign does not produce a sufficiently good result, Finland will probably have to implement planned blackouts.

According to Fingrid’s estimate, next winter’s electricity consumption may be around 15,100 megawatts at peak consumption, of which domestic electricity production can at best cover around 12,300 megawatts. There are currently several uncertainty factors in the electricity market, so it is not possible to accurately assess the adequacy of electricity.

Pahkin also reminds that industry and companies play an important role in reducing electricity consumption. According to him, industry consumes more electricity than agriculture and housing combined.

Pahkin believes that enlightened companies will join in reducing electricity consumption and solving the problem.

“I hope that people have woken up to this and hopefully we can lower consumption”, he says.

How can energy consumption be reduced in industry?

The first step in a company is to find out where energy is consumed and how much. After that, you will have a better picture of where you should save energy.

In Finnish conditions, the heating of buildings takes up a large part of energy consumption. Changing the heating method can bring a solution to this, but it is not always necessary to invest heavily in a new heating system. For example, intelligent heating control can be the key to energy savings.

Since it is now expensive to produce heat, it should not be wasted under any circumstances. That’s why insulation is more relevant now than ever. Insulating buildings brings savings in heating costs, and industrial insulation, in turn, in the costs of energy used in various industrial processes.

The energy saving of industrial insulation is easy to find out in advance with a TIPCHECK audit, which estimates the energy saving potential of the site. Ask us more – let’s get energy costs under control together.

In Finnish industry, there is a lot of energy saving potential that can be achieved by insulating

According to the EiiF (European Industrial Insulation Foundation) country-specific report, Finnish industry has a total energy saving potential of 510 ktoe (one toe corresponds to the amount of energy contained in one ton of crude oil).

  • More than half (261 ktoe) of the energy saving potential of Finnish industry is in the paper industry.
  • Next most potential for energy savings is in electricity production (61 ktoe), the wood industry (38 ktoe) and the chemical industry (37 ktoe).

However, saving opportunities can certainly be found in every company.

It is also worth remembering that saving energy brings multi-level benefits at once: In addition to saving electricity or other energy, carbon dioxide emissions can be significantly reduced and financial savings can be achieved.

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