Back to basics: Insulation materials matter

You should choose the insulation materials according to three things: the purpose of insulation, the object to be insulated, and the properties of the insulation. In the final part of the Back to basics article series, we will review these issues and present our product range.

There are insulating materials for every purpose 

Objects to be insulated are a bit like children who cannot tell whether they are cold or hot. Children will learn to dress themselves at some point, but unfortunately, the devices will never learn to do the same. Choosing the right insulation material is also essential – just like you choose technical clothing for sports and pull on woolen socks when your toes are about to freeze. 

As it has undoubtedly become apparent to many, insulation has different goals depending on the object to be insulated: 

  • Thermal insulation reduces the heat transfer from the object to the environment. 
  • Sound insulation reduces the disturbance caused by sound and the propagation of sound in structures. 
  • Fire insulation prevents the ignition of an insulated wall and the spread of fire from one fire compartment to the next. 

Insulation materials can be divided according to the manufacturing material and method: 

  • phenolic foam insulation 
  • calcium silicate insulation 
  • ceramic insulator 
  • mineral wool insulation (subgroups stone/rock wool and glass wool) 
  • perlite granule 
  • polyethylene insulation 
  • polystyrene insulation 
  • polyurethane insulation 
  • cellular rubber insulation 
  • foam glass insulation. 

There are plenty of insulation materials available, but next, we will take a closer look at stone wool, cellular rubber, polyurethane insulation, and ceramic insulation, which we have in our selection. 

Insulators are selected according to their properties and applications 

Mineral-based insulations are mineral wools used in technical insulation primarily because of their excellent heat resistance and non-flammability. Rock wools, which belong to mineral wools, can withstand high temperatures. That is why they are used, among other things, as fire insulators and in the insulation of power plants and industry. Mineral wool insulation is available as mats, sheets, and gutters. 

Cellular rubber insulation is made from either natural or synthetic rubber or a mixture, resulting in a soft, flexible, and closed-cell structure. Cellular rubber, or elastomer, is supplied in sheets, tubes, and shaped pieces, which can be coated in different ways or equipped with, for example, an adhesive edge. 

Polyurethane insulation is an effective thermal insulation material with good durability when installed correctly. Polyurethane is mainly installed for on-site casting and injection for technical insulation purposes. 

We deliver versatile insulation products 

Kespet’s insulation selection includes products from several manufacturers suitable for various technical insulations. 

Armacell is the world’s leading manufacturer of elastomeric heat and sound insulation materials and innovative PET foam cores. Armacell’s famous product families include, for example, Armaflex XG, used in condensation insulation, and Armaflex Ultima, used in HVAC construction, cooling systems, and process equipment. 

Armacell also offers excellent solutions for special applications – one of them is the aerogel insulation Armagel. Armagel can achieve up to 80% thinner insulation than competing products due to its very low thermal conductivity. Armagel products are hydrophobic, i.e., water-repellent, but they let water vapor through. Armagel is suitable for both hot (Armagel HT) and cold pipes (Armagel DT). 

The efficient and durable insulation products of ROCKWOOL, the world’s largest stone wool producer, suit a wide range of needs. The products have excellent fire, acoustic, and thermal insulation properties based on innovative stone wool technology. For example, RW800 insulating gutters are suitable for insulating pipes and drains, and ROCKWOOL CONLIT fire safety products are ideal for the fire protection of round and rectangular ventilation ducts. The selection also includes ProRox stone wool products designed for industrial needs. 

ROHHE, Europe’s leading stone wool manufacturer, offers efficient and durable insulation products for the construction industry. The r.Flow A lamella mat, designed for heat and moisture insulation and sound insulation of ventilation and air conditioning ducts, is made of mineral wool and coated with aluminum foil. The gutter-shaped r.Heat A is suitable for heat and moisture insulation of pipe systems, as well as fire and sound insulation. 

Kingspan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polyurethane products (PIR). Our selection includes Kingspan’s Kooltherm products, which are suitable for insulating industrial and building technology pipelines and ducts. Kooltherm is primarily known for its excellent thermal conductivity, lightness, and ease of installation. Kingspan’s Kooltherm products are available both with and without aluminum foil. The fire class of all Kooltherm products is BL-s1, d0. 

Our selection also includes insulation designed for high temperatures – ask for more! 

Whether it’s about dressing for the weather or insulation, in challenging situations, you should always use the help of professionals. Please turn to our sales or contact us using the form below when you need help choosing insulation products.

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