ArmaSound® and ArmaComfort® for acoustic insulation

Armacell’s products, ArmaSound and ArmaComfort, help reduce noise transmission in various structures.

Noise is defined as unnecessary or harmful sound that can adversely affect your sense of hearing by impairing it. In addition, noise affects sleep, the body, and communication through speech.

While living in a city, noise and vibration are increasingly a nuisance. Efforts have been made to address this through noise regulations based on concerns for human health. By improving acoustic comfort and preventing vibration, the quality of life of city dwellers, commuters and the entire environment is improved.

Sound insulation reduces the power level of sound as it passes through structures. On the other hand, sound insulation increases the comfort and convenience of buildings, but also the feeling of privacy and security. Sound insulation also applies to work environments: it ensures effective communication and the well-being of employees.

Armacell is the world’s leading producer of flexible insulation foams and technical foams for equipment insulation. In addition to thermal insulation, Armacell products are used in acoustic insulation, as seals in modern cars and as important components in wind turbine blades.

ArmaSound reduces noise

Armacell’s ArmaSound product family helps reduce noise and its re-radiation by absorbing sound. ArmaSound combines sound and heat insulation into one product.

ArmaSound products and their applications:

  • ArmaSound Barrier E: A vinyl soundproof mat that is perfect for reducing airborne noise. Does not contain lead, crude aromatic oils or bitumen.
  • ArmaSound RD120 and RD240: Acoustic absorber designed for a wide range of acoustic applications, such as fan coils, cooling systems, duct and cabinet claddings, enclosures and piping. The product is a synthetic cellular rubber or elastomer.

ArmaComfort helps to reduce noise transmission

Sound insulation has developed enormously: where lead was previously thought to be the ideal sound insulation material, today the harmful effects of lead on health and the environment are being recognized. Bitumen and PVC-based materials also have their problems, which is why ArmaComfort noise barriers have a unique EVA / EPM combination. This combination brings together ideal technical and mechanical properties as well as easy installation.

The ArmaComfort product family brings flexible comfort to acoustics. ArmaComfort noise barriers reduce noise transmission very effectively and thus improve well-being and safety in home and work environments. ArmaComfort noise barriers can be installed either invisibly in structures or visibly in partitions and do not require extra space.

ArmaComfort products and their applications:

  • ArmaComfort AB and AB Plus: Acoustic insulation of sewage, storm water and sewer pipes in both residential and non-residential buildings.
  • ArmaComfort AB Alu: Acoustic insulation of sewage, storm water and sewer pipes, especially in non-residential buildings such as office and school buildings, hotels, hospitals, service buildings and shopping and conference centers.
  • ArmaComfort AB Alu Plus: Acoustic insulation of sewage, storm water and sewer pipes in both residential and non-residential buildings.
  • ArmaComfort Barrier B: Effective noise barrier for hidden objects in walls, ceilings and HVAC structures.
  • ArmaComfort Barrier P: Stylish noise barrier for sound attenuation in building partitions, air ducts and equipment cabinets.
  • ArmaComfort Barrier B Alu: Noise barrier coated with aluminum foil, which achieves the highest fire rating of organic products. Durable, non-tearing and stylish silver-colored cladding that is suitable as an easy-to-clean material for industrial environments.

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Our customers use ArmaSound and ArmaComfort products mainly for sound insulation of pipes. The products are perceived as high quality and easy to use. Armacell products can be easily ordered via the online ordering service – order the products directly on site or pick them up from our warehouse.

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