Valtteri Kivikko will be running our new Tampere outlet!

Store Manager Valtteri Kivikko Our Tampere outlet opens up on 4.2. The man of the hour is our latest addition in the motivated Kespet crew, Valtteri Kivikko, who will be undertaking the role of Store Manager for our new outlet.  Valtteri has worked in the car and vehicles industry before, in management and related [...]

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ISOVER insulation products now available from Kespet Oy!

ISOVER insulation products now available from Kespet Oy! ISOVER technical insulation products from Kespet Oy! ISOVER produces high quality solutions for acoustic-, fire-, and thermal insulation needs. Their range encompasses both HVAC and industrial products, such as pipe insulation, wired mats, fire proofing and tank insulation. An environmental friendly approach aiming for sustainable [...]

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Kespet Oy supporting emergency services in Lapland

Kespet Oy tags along to support Lapland rescue helicopter Aslak! Our company has once again tagged along in support of Aslak, the emergency rescue helicopter of Lapland, which doesn't receive official government support. The associations purpose is to ensure emergency service availability for the citizens and travelers in Lapland. Kespet Oy - [...]

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Kespet News 2018 now in English

Kespet News 2018 now out in English Kespet News 2018 has now been published in English! The featured content includes views about the insulation field in general, updates from Central-Europe and Finland, hands-on technical advice, a report from the IEX 2018 expo and a lot more. Read it here: Kespet Oy [...]

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Kespet Oy Tampere opens on 4.2.2019!

Kespet Oy Tampere opens on 4.2.2019! Dear customers and collaborators, Kespet Oy:s new store- and storage- outlet is now confirmed as open for business starting early 2019, on the 4. of February to be exact. The new store allows us to guarantee even faster deliveries in the Pirkanmaa -area, also offering the advantages [...]

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Kespet Oy reduces plastic consumption

Kespet Oy reduces plastic consumption   The upcoming EU-legislation will greatly regulate and limit the use of plastic in vaurious environments, including industrial operations. One of the key values in our company is to be responsible when it comes to the environment, this being the reason why improvements for environmental friendly functions have [...]

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Thanks to everyone who visited during the opening week!

Thanks to everyone who visited during the opening week! The opening week of our renewed Helsinki office and sales building has passed, and what a week it was! Spread around the entire week we had special offers, music, and stand-up comedy available, and let's not forget the meal on Friday and other edible [...]

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Helsinki renewed office opening week!

Opening week! Our refurbished Helsinki office is celebrating their re-opening week from 4.6 till 8.6, in just a few weeks! The event is accompanied by week long special discounts, aswell as even more special discounts on equipment and tools. We also have representatives from our collaborators joining the ride, and one can never [...]

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The IEX Insulation Expo 2018 is underway!

The IEX Insulation Expo 2018 is underway!   The IEX 2018 Insulation Expo started off today after preparations and the arrival of our personnel on Tuesday. If you happen to be visiting the IEX 2018, come stop by our stand and say hi! Our crew will provide you with the latest information regarding [...]

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