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    Sheet metal claddings and products, base structures

    HVAC and process pipes

    Claddings  aluminium
    Excel | PDF   (Updated 1.4.2022)

    Claddings hot galvanized
    Excel | PDF   (Updated 1.4.2022)

    Claddings pvdf
    Excel | PDF   (Updated 3.7.2022)

    Insulation boxes
    Excel | PDF   (Updated 3.7.2022)

    Vessel claddings
    Excel | PDF  (Updated 3.7.2022)

    Other formed parts
    Excel | PDF   (Updated 3.7.2022)


    VAC claddings aluminium
    Excel | PDF (Updated 1.4.2022)

    VAC claddings hot galvanized
    Excel | PDF  (Updated 13.9.2022)

    VAC claddings pvdf
    Excel | PDF (Updated 3.7.2022)

    Other VAC formed parts
    Excel | PDF  (Updated 3.7.2022)

    Other sheet metal products and base structures

    Coils and sheets
    Excel| PDF  (Updated 5.6.2023)

    Corrugated sheet metal
    Excel | PDF  (Updated 3.7.2022)

    Moldings house building and industry
    Excel | PDF  (Updated 3.7.2022)

    Base structures
    Excel | PDF (Updated 3.7.2022)

    Mineral wool insulation products

    ROCKWOOL insulation

    Pipes – Industrial  Excel | PDF   (Updated 1.1.2023)

    Pipes – HVAC  Excel| PDF  (Updated 1.5.2023)

    Mats and slabs – Industrial  Excel | PDF   (Updated 1.1.2023)

    Mats and slabs – HVAC  Excel | PDF  (Updated 1.5.2023)

    ISOVER insulation – HVAC

    Mats & Slabs HVAC     Excel | PDF   (Updated 1.1.2023)

    Pipes HVAC     Excel | PDF   (Updated 1.1.2022)

    ROHHE insulation – HVAC

    Pipes Excel | PDF (Updated 1.8.2023)

    Mats ExcelPDF   (Updated 1.8.2023)

    ROHHE Products

    Elastomeric foam

    Armaflex XG pipes, sheets and formed pieces
    Excel | PDF  (Updated 1.1.2023)

    Armaflex Ultima pipes and sheets
    Excel | PDF  (Updated 1.1.2023)

    PVC- claddings

    PVC claddings, foils and elbows
    Excel | PDF  (Updated 15.3.2023)


    Morgan Thermal Ceramics Superwool
    Excel PDF


    CUI products

    Integrity Products CUI
    Excel PDF


    Installation equipment and tools
    PDF (Updated 1.6.2022)

    Freight & delivery

    Freight packaging and other delivery charges

    PDF (Updated 3.7.2022)

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