The SonoTube insulation pipe is the star of the ATIS product family

The ATIS product family is still a newcomer to the Finnish market but has already convinced Kespet’s staff and its customers with its excellent features. SonoTube pipe insulation, in particular, had gained popularity for its versatile properties, which also convinced LVI-Lämsä, a Kespet customer for many years, when it chose SonoTube as the insulation for its hotel.

LVI-Lämsä chose SonoTube for soundproofing the hotel’s sewers

LVI-Lämsä Oy, a member of the Hanakat chain, operates in Rovaniemi and the entire Lapland region. The company’s services include basic plumbing, installation of air heating, air, water heating, and geothermal heat pumps, ventilation, water, and waste management, and sales of HVAC products.

Kespet was already familiar to LVI-Lämsä, as the company had been a customer of Kespet for many years. In the summer, LVI-Lämsä started a drainage project at its hotel property, where sound insulation plays a key role. In a hotel environment, the sounds of the sewer pipes are accentuated when several people are staying in the building at the same time, each living in their rhythm.

“The Pohjanhovi is the first project where we implemented SonoTube. This is because all the hotel’s drains need to be soundproofed, and we chose SonoTube for this purpose,” says Risto Lämsä, Managing Director of LVI-Lämsä.

SonoTube was a good choice as it provides excellent sound insulation for the drains. Kespet supplied a total of about half a kilometer of SonoTube pipe insulation to LVI-Lämsä.

The advantages of SonoTube, made of glass wool, are space savings and speed of installation

SonoTube is well-suited for sewer insulation, air ducts, piping, and heating pipes. SonoTube consists of two materials: dense, heavy rubber and lighter wool. Thanks to its structure, the product insulates different sound frequencies over a wide range – heavy rubber insulates and absorbs low and high wool frequencies.

“There is not enough space in the sewer pipes, so we needed a thin sound barrier. SonoTube has the advantage of saving space. Another clear strength of SonoTube is the speed of installation,” says Lämsä.

In addition to saving space, the trough-shaped insulation is easy to install tightly over the pipe. SonoTube can also be cut with a knife and easily attached to the insulation, thanks to the pre-installed tape seal.

Based on his experience, Lämsä says he recommends both SonoTube and Kespet:
“I can recommend SonoTube because of the speed and space-saving of the installation. Kespet’s accumulated years as a customer certainly speak for themselves.”

The ATIS product family is designed for efficient soundproofing

In addition to SonoTube, the ATIS product family includes other soundproofing solutions such as Sonimass and Caldifol P, which also dampens vibrations.

“SonoTube is an excellent insulation product – it’s a neat, lightweight, and finished product that makes a good overall impression. It bends easily into various joints and is easy to work with as a lightweight insulation material. SonoTube is made of glass wool, which has been tested to insulate sound really well,” says Katrin Viinikainen, Sales Manager at Kespet.

The sound insulation properties of ATIS products have been measured in laboratory tests, where the sound pressure level has been estimated at different current intensities without and with the insulation. Compared to its competitors, SonoTube reduces sound volume better than its competitors – SonoTube has been measured to attenuate sound by up to 20.1 decibels. An even higher level of insulation(23.7 dB) was achieved in tests by Sonimass and Caldifol P combined.

“We are happy to tell you more about SonoTube and the entire ATIS range of insulations. For those interested, we can also provide more detailed materials about the products and the results of the sound attenuation tests, for example”, says Viinikainen.

Kespet is the only supplier of the ATIS product family in Finland – contact our sales team or fill in the form below to find out more!

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