“Our collaboration is clean, properly organized and helpful. Product quality is great, one of the main reasons we order our claddings from Kespet.”

Sampsa Järveläinen | Industry Department Director | KAEFER Oy

“The protective claddings are size exact and of high quality, installing them is easy. Customer service highlights positivity and expertise – a great aspect of the companys code of conduct.”

Teuvo Vanhoja | Material Chief | Saimaan Eristys Oy

Case: Metsä Fibre Bioproduct Plant

Metsä Fibre Installation Manager Timo-Pekka Aaltonen played a central role in the collaboration with Kespet Oy in building the new bioproduct plant. Aaltonen states the collaboration worked great. Kespet Oy had a consultation contract in the project, starting with procurement and simultaneously providing technical support regarding the products and installation. As the insulation work started, our consultation was put to use in quality control and supervision training in order to find information and solutions in parts of the project.

“Going by the experiences received from this project there is a clear need for these kind of services, both in procurement and as the construction moves forward.”

The bioproduct plant was a massive undertaking, and projects of this size always have their own challenges and sectors of specialization. For example, the technical insulation of processes requires it’s own know-how and expertise. However a functioning process can be manufactured with good implementation and high quality materials, resulting in a safe, environmentally efficient and visually pleasing. Kespet Oy delivered protective sheet metal claddings for the plant. The total amount of delivered products totaled up to 1500 tons.

Export references 2010-2017

Sweden 9/2017 12 trucks 130 tons
Sweden 9/2016 – 8/2017 12 trucks 130 tons
Russia 6/2017 18 trucks 160 tons
Mexico 6-8/2016 10 containers 50 tons
Denmark 8/2016 12 trucks 130 tons
Denmark 11/2015 10 trucks 90 tons
Sweden 2-8/2015 15 trucks 160 tons
Sweden 3-9/2014 25 trucks 225 tons
Russia 3/2014 7 containers 48 tons
Uruguay 1-6/2013 25 containers 300 tons
Dom.republic 7-11/2012 6 trucks 45 tons
Russia 8/2011 2 containers 18 tons
Chile 7/2011 4 containers 75 tons
Aruba 6/2011 6 trucks 15 tons
Chile 4/2011 2 containers 42 tons
Chile 4/2011 1 containers 5 tons
Russia 4/2011 8 containers 176 tons
Russia 1/2011 1 containers 11 tons
Russia 1/2011 2 containers 39 tons
Irak 12/2010 6 trucks 13 tons
Belarus 1/2010 82 trucks 290 tons