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Technical insulation

Kespet Oy offers high quality technical insulation products from manufacturers such as Paroc, Armacell and Morgan. Products are compatible with Kespet sheet metal claddings and suitable for fire, heat, cold, condension and sound insulation. You can find additional details in Product information.

PAROC stonewool insulation products

When it comes to fire safety and insulation, the product naturally has to be fireproof. Paroc stonewool product line fulfills even the highest safety class requirements. All Paroc stonewool technical insulation safety parameters are informed according to the standard EN 13501-1.

HVAC and process pipes:
  • Paroc Hvac Section Alucoat T
  • Paroc Hvac Bend Alucoat T
  • Paroc Hvac Section Greycoat T
  • Paroc Hvac Bend Greycoat T
AC fire insulation:
  • Paroc Hvac Fire Mat Comfort
  • Paroc Hvac Fire Slab EI 30 N1
  • Paroc Hvac Fire Slab EI 60 N1
  • Paroc Hvac Fire Slab EI 120 N1
  • Paroc Hvac Aircoat
AC warmth and condension insulation:
  • Paroc Hvac Mat Alucoat
  • Paroc Hvac Ventmat Alucoat
  • Paroc Hvac Lamella Mat Alucoat
  • Paroc Hvac Lamella Mat Greycoat
  • Paroc Hvac Slab Alucoat
  • Paroc Hvac Slab Greycoat
  • Paroc Hvac Aircoat
  • Paroc Hvac Aircoat Bend 45° ja 90°
  • Paroc Hvac Aircoat T-joint
AC audio insulation:
  • Paroc Invent 80 N3/N1
  • Paroc Invent 45 G5/N1
  • Paroc Invent 80 G5/N1
  • Paroc Invent 100 N1
Industrial pipe insulation:
  • Paroc Pro Section 100
Industrial pipe bend insulation:
  • Paroc Pro Bend 100
  • Paroc Pro Segment 100
Industrial insulation mats:
  • Paroc Pro Wired Mat 100
  • Paroc Pro Wired Mat 100 AL1
  • Paroc Pro Wired Mat 80
  • Paroc Pro Loose Mat 80
Industrial insulation slabs:
  • Paroc Pro Slab 40
  • Paroc Pro Slab 60
  • Paroc Pro Slab 80
  • Paroc Pro Slab 120
  • Paroc Pro Roof Slab 20kPa

Armacell elastomeric insulation

Armwin insulation thickness calculator

Armaflex XG

Armaflex XG is a flexible solution for condension insulation in HVAC and cold installations. The combination of it’s technical properties – low heat conductivity and high steam diffusion resistance – and a competitive price make it a cost effective solution, that saves energy. The Armaflex XG line covers most pipes used in installations of this type, including thermoplastic pipes.

  • Cost efficient
  • Very flexible
  • µ ≥ 10.000
  • λ ≤ 0,036 W/(m·K)
  • Minimizes heat loss
  • Trusty condension insulation

Armaflex Ultima

The first elastomeric insulation product that has the Euro-class BL-s1, d0 (tubes) ja B-s2, d0 (slabs) approval. Armaflex Ultima fulfills modern requirements and reduces the risk of personnel injury. Flexible, reliable and safe.

  • Euro-class BL-s1, d0 approval, very low formation of smoke.
  • Produced using the patented Armaprene technique.
  • Closed cell structure, low heat conductivity and great steam diffusion resistance (µ ≥ 7.000).
  • Good for Green Building Certification.
  • The perfect selection of tubes, slabs, self adhesive tapes and Armafix pipe holders.

Morgan Advanced Materials

Ceramic insulation products manufactured by Morgan Thermal Ceramics are meant for extremely high operating temperatures. Product line is available in several different variations of thickness and density. Please ask our sales department for more details.

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