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Comprehensive Kespet material and installation service system’s goal is to rationalise maintenance and supply of industrial insulation contracting and renewal of operation models together with industrial insulation contractors and main client and/or equipment supplier.

Kespet Oy offers a comprehensive material service system for HVAC and industrial contracting. Kespet manufactures and sells high-class and cost-competitive Kespet sheet metal cladding and base structure systems, that fill building regulations and standard’s requirements in EU and Finland. Kespet Oy resells various technical insulations, sheet metals, tools and assembly equipments comprehensively up to the last rivet. Customers get from one place all they need in technical HVAC and industrial insulation and sheet metal protection building. This way they can concentrate on results productive building operations substantive on their own business.

Kespet’s strategy is to grow to the most comprehensive insulation and sheet metal services offering concern. Quality process management is leading our operations in every organisation level. We want to offer only the best. We are responsible company taking care of customer satisfaction, our personnel, economical and environmental responsibilities.

Our values:

  • Quality and honesty
  • Openness and respect
  • Expertise
  • Customer orientation
  • Responsibility
  • Willingness to cooperate
  • Industry rationalisation